Trim-Tex 3 Part Spec

Click the links below to download the latest 3 Part Specification sheet.

DOC.png   • Trim-Tex Vinyl Trim 3 Part Spec 12-2017.docx
   • Trim-Tex Corner Protection System 12-2015.docx
   • Create a customized 3-Part Spec using the Spec Wizard® tool by Arcat.

CAD Profiles & BIM

The latest CAD and BIM profiles of our products in DWG and RFA formats. Grouped together by category, and all in one place, we have made it easier than ever to expand your product library.

PDF.pngTrim-Tex Corner Beads
Trim-Tex Commercial Beads
Trim-Tex Corner Protectors
Trim-Tex Decorative Beads
Trim-Tex BIM

Warranty & LEED v3 information

Click the links below to download the most up-to-date Material Safety Data Sheets, LEED v3, and Warranty & Trademark information.

PDF.png   • Warranty & Trademarks.pdf
   • LEED v4 Sourcing of Raw Materials - Recycled Content.pdf
   • LEED v4 Extended Producer Responsibility - Product Intake.pdf