Meet Our Leadership Team

Joe Koenig

Chief Executive Officer

Works hard: With many patents to his name, he’s dedicated to the health and happiness of both his family and his Trim-Tex family 

Plays hard: Goes dirt bike trail riding every chance he gets

Bryan Schwartz


Works hard: He has a knack for building great leaders, impacting their lives and journeys 

Plays hard: When he’s not creating lasting organizational structures within his companies, he’s creating pond landscapes or traveling

Mike Garcia

Chief Revenue Officer

Works hard: Outside of growing Trim-Tex and the people on the team year after year, he continues to develop his leadership skills outside of the office through the Stagen Academy

Plays hard: He’s hooked on traveling to new places with his family and enjoys golfing with his wife, friends and coworkers

Matt Totsch

Chief Financial Officer

Works hard: Passed his CPA exam on his first attempt

Plays hard: He’s a dedicated CrossFit devotee, and likes a nice drink

Rich Boun

Vice President of Operations

Works hard: At Trim-Tex, he engages with employees to build a place where they feel heard, know how they can impact the business and grow their careers

Plays hard: He coaches youth sports teams, connecting with his kids and his community

Don Dathe

Vice President of Sales

Works hard: Has over 40 years of experience in the building trades and industry

Plays hard: Loves motorsports, baseball, a relaxing round of golf and being a grandfather of four

Rich Hitchens

Vice President of Corporate Partnerships & Business Development

Works hard: He is primarily responsible for opening new markets at Trim-Tex and manages the corporate relationships and senior management relationships with our buying groups and suppliers.

Plays hard: Mentors inner city children and coaches a youth basketball team

Nicole Abbatacola

Marketing Manager

Works hard: Through a combination of team collaboration and creativity, she loves bringing people together to produce work that’s greater than the sum of its parts

Plays hard: Loves traveling with her friends and family, reading and late-night karaoke sessions

Paul Bachner

Software Systems Development Manager

Works hard: He’s a technology leader with an excellent track record of building, architecting and delivering reliable and scalable systems

Plays hard: He’s a certified Scuba diver, having dived the Great Barrier reef in Australia, as well as in Mexico, Thailand, and Iceland

Adam Jaworecki

Director of Innovation

Works hard: Introduced laminating technology to Trim-Tex

Plays hard: Martial arts, yoga and cycling; can open a bottle with a spinning kick

Mark Kammerdiener

Talent and Organizational Effectiveness Lead

Works hard: Coaches professionals to be self-directed, critical thinkers and not just blind followers 

Plays hard: Sunday afternoon naps

Linda Khalil

Strategic Inventory & Procurement Specialist

Works hard: Leads Trim-Tex’s materials department and warehouse, managing both our inventory and supply chain to help Trim-Tex run more efficiently

Plays hard: Lives to travel, having been to Egypt and swum in the Red Sea — and once survived a plane crash

Donna Ramirez

Customer Service Manager

Works hard: Passionate about spreading positivity and kindness, to Trim-Tex customers, her coworkers and her family

Plays hard: Saw Andy Gibb in concert at 10 years old and has delighted in seeing live music ever since

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Get in Touch with Us

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