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Trim Tex history building photo
Above: Trim-Tex's first headquarters in the Ravenswood neighborhood of Chicago, Ill.

On April 11, 1969, Joseph Koenig, Sr., fired up the first extruder making ½” and ⅝” J Beads, pivoting from his previous vinyl siding business and officially giving life to Trim-Tex Drywall Products.

Fifty-one years later, and the company has grown from making one style of vinyl drywall corner bead to manufacturing a family of over 200 drywall solutions. Through the years, Trim-Tex has grown from that first office — a 1,500-square-foot building in the Ravenswood neighborhood of Chicago — to its present location in Lincolnwood, IL, in a facility more than 150 times that size. The company has granted countless people their livelihoods, all right here in the U.S., and kept them coming back day in and day out. In fact, 40 percent of Trim-Tex employees have had over 20 years of service.

A lot’s changed since that first extruder started pumping out its first J Beads. One thing has never changed, however: Trim-Tex is still a family affair.

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Above: Trim-Tex's current home in Lincolnwood, Ill., which is more than 150 times the size of its original Ravenswood location
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