Top 5 Trim-Tex Stories of 2023

If you’re new around here, you may not know that, besides creating the best and boldest vinyl corner beads out there, Trim-Tex is majorly invested in educating everyone about the wild world of drywall finishing. One of the biggest ways we do that is by publishing a new story to every single week — everything from case studies to slick videos to pro drywall finishing tips. This year saw a record number of new users discovering these stories, and here were the Trim-Tex stories our followers read, shared and watched the most in 2023!

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1. How to Finish Drywall Around Exposed Beam Ceilings

Exposed beam ceilings have become one of the most sought-after architectural details in residential construction — they’re a perfect union of form and function. But, for many contractors, there was some confusion about how to work with wood beams where they interact with drywall.

And that kind of a problem is a perfect opportunity to introduce a new drywaller to Trim-Tex. This article, which shows a couple ways to solve this problem — using photos from real finishers’ success stories — struck a chord, and readers poured in by the thousands to learn more. Whether due to its helpful instructions or gorgeous photos of exposed beam ceilings, it easily became our most popular story of the year!

Check out the full story here!

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2. Sister Taping Team Takes on Inside Corners with Fast Edge® Roll

Kaïla and Allison Gilbert of Gilbert Taping are rising stars in the drywall world, and we were so delighted to see how much they loved our latest innovation, Fast Edge® Roll. We teamed up with the Gilberts to see how they went about using our dynamic rolled corner bead for inside corners, from narrow spots to the wide angles of vaulted ceilings. The result was one of the most attention-grabbing multimedia stories of 2023.

“Not only was it easy to work with and fast to install, but it also gave us a flawless finish,” the Gilberts said about the Roll. “(We had NO touch-ups to do on any of the ones we installed!) There was also no issues with it peeling back while drying like we’ve had with other similar products before.”

Check out the full story here!

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3. Use F Reveal Bead for Modern Base Trim (with No Baseboards!)

In the Trim-Tex catalog, there are two similar trim solutions that always manage to make a splash among our social media followers: F Reveal Bead and Z Shadow Bead (more on that one later). Folks love how these create eye-catching, yet minimalistic, drywall designs that ooze elegance. Some of those folks are the guys behind Refresh Home Improvements, who, step-by-step, showed off how they used F Reveal Bead to create an awesome baseboard-less base trim look.

We are massive fans of the Tuer brothers at RHI, and our followers are too — this is the second year in a row that one of their videos has shown up in this year-end list!

Check out the full story here!

A Trim-Tex sales rep speaks with a contractor about a rolled corner bead

4. What Contractors Are Saying About Fast Edge® Roll

The launch of Fast Edge Roll was really the big event of the year for us at Trim-Tex, and was for many of our customers as well. We gave our new rolled solution some time to make its mark on the drywall world, and then we started asking around: how’d we do?

We’re happy to report that the response was overwhelmingly positive. In this story, we talked to tons of contractors to get their feedback on Fast Edge Roll and shared their experiences. With one finisher in particular, Dave Telle, we got on the phone with to hear how this new bead has impacted his life.

Check out the full story here!

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5. How a High-End Home’s Drywall Crew Mastered Shadow Edges

In this widely shared story, we take you to Libertyville, Ill., where a drywall crew was creating awesome trim details all around a huge home with our Z Shadow Bead. But they were having problems seamlessly forming corners around their doors with this bead, so one of our expert technical sales specialists drove out to meet them onsite and give them a hands-on tutorial. We tagged along with a camera to share this story of how Trim-Tex isn’t just a manufacturer — for our customers, we’re partners.

Check out the full story here!

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