Fast Edge® Rolls Are Rolling Out Now!

The next big thing for inside corners and off-angles is shipping to a dealer near you! The brand-new Fast Edge® Roll is a game-changer for drywall finishers, allowing you to conquer long runs in short order with matchless ease. It’s everything pro drywallers love about Fast Edge Paper — the smooth laminated paper over patented Mud Locks that grip into joint compound for unbeatable bond strength — in a convenient rolled form, available in four widths: 2.75”, 3.25”, 3.75” and 4.5”.

Fast Edge Rolls are rolling out soon!
Fast Edge Rolls are rolling out soon!

All your angles are covered, whether you’re working with an inside or outside corner, sharp angle or off-angle, short run or long run. Fast Edge Roll is flexible enough to conform to just about any corner, but rigid enough that it won’t fold in on itself while you’re using it. That relative rigidity is also going to allow you to adjust uneven drywall or poor framing work, especially when it comes to the widest 4.5” version of the bead. In just one roll, there’s a whole lot to love!

Fast Edge Rolls Are Rolling Out Soon 2

The love we put into this rolled solution doesn’t end with the roll itself: just take a look at the box it comes in. Right outside the perforated flap where your Roll is dispensed, we’ve placed a handy little slot to hook your measuring tape into. This way, you’re able to roll out the exact amount of bead you need and cut only once, without wasting any material.

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We’ve been hard at work on Fast Edge Roll for years now, engineering and tinkering, testing and re-testing, honing and perfecting this hybrid paper-vinyl bead. We are proud to put the “Trim-Tex” name on it — with all the expectations of quality, durability and ease that name carries with it.

Fast Edge Rolls Are Rolling Out Soon 3

Are you ready to roll? Hit the button below, and we’ll send you a free Fast Edge Roll sample kit. Make sure you’re on the cutting edge of drywall finishing technology, and start rolling with Trim-Tex!

Are you ready to roll?

Are you ready to roll?

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