What Contractors Are Saying About Fast Edge® Roll

Now that Trim-Tex’s innovative rolled corner bead solution, Fast Edge® Roll, has been showing up on drywall corners all over the world, we’ve been receiving tons of feedback from the contractors who have been using it. And the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive! Contractors love Fast Edge Roll’s flexibility, ease-of-use and the unbeatable bond strength provided by the bead’s patented mud locks. We’ve spoken to a ton of our customers, and here’s what contractors are saying about Fast Edge Roll.

We dialed up one customer, Wisconsin drywall finisher Dave Telle, who had a unique story to tell. Check out the video below to hear what Dave had to say about Fast Edge Roll, and read on for more customer reviews:

Fast Edge® Roll Contractor Review | 'It Saves Me a Whole Trip'
Fast Edge® Roll Contractor Review | 'It Saves Me a Whole Trip'

When Dave was injured some time ago, he wasn’t sure if he’d ever be back on a jobsite again. Once he returned to work — tackling smaller drywall projects than before, like repairs and renovations — using drywall finishing accessories that got the job done faster and easier became more important than ever. But the work still had to live up to Dave’s super-high standards. This situation wound up being a perfect fit for our new rolled corner bead.

“[Fast Edge Roll] saves me a whole trip,” Dave told us over the phone. “It saves me another day, because angles dry so slow. This dries faster, simpler. And really, even though I’m very fussy, it gives me a better outcome than I was doing previously. It saves me time, and I love how crisp and clean the angles turn out.”

Of course, Dave wasn’t the only big fan we spoke to. Use the slider below to browse through some more quotes from other folks located all over the U.S. who have used Fast Edge Roll and loved what they’ve seen.

Fast Edge Roll Customer Reviews

“This is a game changer. The finished product was unmatched. The outside corner stayed perfectly straight and did not fray like others. It set good and did not shrink. Will definitely be buying more! ”
Anthony L.
“As a matter of convenience and portability, it will really serve a larger range of installers. We have some crews that run personal or smaller company vehicles where space limitations can be an issue. This product is easy to install, quick, but the portability is a much larger factor than I think many might realize when you take into consideration the amount of space needed to transport traditional corner bead. ”
Matt L.
“The ease of use for the product is phenomenal. Works flawlessly for inside and outside corners. Strong bond and less time floating in and more time finishing needed areas. All around great product. ”
Cody B.
Construction Company Owner
“It stays in place after mounting with mud. Doesn't slip around like most other products. ”
Howard M.
“It made doing a 45-degree soffit super simple. Sure, I could have used another product, but this stuff is rigid enough to make clean lines but bendable enough to make an installation look super professional. ”
Danielle S.
“I have used other versions of this type of product and this seems to be a much stronger product that is much easier to work with. The plastic ribbing on the back grabs the mud better as well. ”
Aaron C.
“So much easier than other folding reinforced paper products. Fast Edge just plain works, and works well. ”
Jeffrey M.
Architectural Designer
“I think the grab hooks on the back side is an ingenious design, also I like how flexible it is right off the roll. Awesome stuff, goes on flat and smooth and also good flexibility. ”
Tommy H.

All these customers have made the switch to Fast Edge Roll and have seen what a difference it can make. If you want to try it out for yourself, you don’t need to start with a whole box — fill out the form below and we’ll mail you a free sample roll!