Sister Taping Team Takes on Inside Corners with Fast Edge® Roll

Fast Edge® Roll may be a new product to our customers, but it’s something we’ve been hard at work on designing, testing and perfecting over the last few years. We needed to be absolutely sure that this bead was worthy of the Trim-Tex name, and all the trust from the drywall world that goes along with it. It needed to be easy to use, provide an unbeatable bond strength and, most importantly, leave you with perfectly finished corners. And, according to sister taping team Gilbert Taping, who recently gave Fast Edge Roll a spin for themselves, it looks like we’ve accomplished that goal.

Sisters Kaïla and Allison Gilbert, the brains behind Gilbert Taping, have become well-known on social media (especially TikTok) for the high quality of their work — and, in the process, shining a big, bright spotlight on the art of drywall finishing for a whole new generation. Check out the video below, where Kaïla and Allison use the smallest-width version of Fast Edge Roll (2.75") on an inside corner, showing you from beginning to end how it’s used to make areas like these (and many others!) nice and smooth.

“We used Trim-Tex’s Fast Edge Roll on our latest projects and we were super impressed with the quality of this product!” said the taping duo on social media. “Not only was it easy to work with and fast to install, but it also gave us a flawless finish. (We had NO touch-ups to do on any of the ones we installed!) There was also no issues with it peeling back while drying like we’ve had with other similar products before. Plus, it will make a bad drywall job (which we all have to deal with, a little too often) turn into a masterpiece!”

The idea behind Fast Edge Roll was to take everything pro drywall finishers love about Fast Edge Paper — its speed, strength and ease-of-use, reducing the mud you need to achieve a matchless bond to the drywall — into a convenient rolled form that can tackle a wide range of angles.

Gilbert Sisters Fast Edge Roll

The final hybrid paper-vinyl product we produced gives you the flexibility you need to use the Roll on anything from off-angle inside corners (like the one the Gilberts took on) to sharp outside corners, and the rigidity you need so it doesn’t fold in on itself while you’re working it. We’re so glad that pro finishers like Kaïla and Allison have been able to use Fast Edge Roll to make their excellent work even better, and their lives a little easier!

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