How to Install Fast Edge® Roll Like a Pro

With our new Fast Edge® Rolls rolling out now, we’ve been sending out a few sample rolls to some of our long-time customers to see what they think of this exciting new solution. One of the most vocally delighted of these folks is a true drywall finishing pro, known throughout the industry and our corners of social media for his skill with a taping knife: PRC Taping. After using a different popular rolled off-angle product for the entirety of his nearly 20-year career, PRC Taping called Fast Edge Roll his “new go-to.”

Installing Fast Edge® Roll Like a Pro (feat. PRC Taping)
Installing Fast Edge® Roll Like a Pro (feat. PRC Taping)

Why the enthusiasm for the new roll? It all comes down to ease of use, speed and strength.

“I’ve been waiting quite a long time for this bead,” PRC Taping (Phil Ciufo) told us over the phone. “My favorite part, I would say, about Fast Edge Roll would be how smooth the paper on the outside is, compared to other types of the off-angles I’ve used in the past. And because the Mud Locks on the inside are much stronger — I could tell right away when I was installing it that it’s holding in place better. In terms of coating it, it’s much easier to coat, again, because I think that paper on the outside is dialed in really well.”

How to Install Fast Edge Roll Like a Pro 4

Installation is simple — as you can see in the above video, PRC Taping starts by dry fitting the bead on his inside corner (though you can always measure first using the convenient slot included on the box designed to hook a tape measure into) then cutting the roll to length. Then you’ll lay down a bed of mud, into which you’ll apply the bead. (Phil blades his mud directly onto the drywall and applies the bead by hand, but you could also do this using a tool like a compound applicator or MudRunner and install the bead with an inside corner roller.)

At this point, the Mud Locks running along your Fast Edge Roll have already begun their process of hooking into the compound for a super-strong, extra-secure bond. Wipe down the excess mud that’s been pushed out the sides and apply a skim coat to the bead’s edges. Once that’s dried, apply a final coat where needed. If you’ve done everything right, your inside corner will look just like PRC Taping’s does here: smooth, clean and ready to withstand many years’ worth of wear-and-tear.

How to Install Fast Edge Roll Like a Pro 1

Fast Edge Rolls are highly versatile, meaning all your angles covered, whether you want to use it for inside or outside corners, off-angles or 90-degree ones. However, PRC Taping sees the Roll as a perfect complement to his other favorite Trim-Tex bead, Fast Edge Paper. By using Fast Edge Paper for his sharp corners and Fast Edge Roll for his off-angles, he’s got a room full of clean edges with perfectly matching materials that will stand the test of time — and he got there faster, using less mud.

"I’ve used Trim-Tex beads for years,” he said. “When Fast Edge Paper came out, that was it — I knew that these were going to be the only beads I’d ever use. I just knew right away, this is a game-changer. Combining Fast Edge Roll with Fast Edge Paper — it's a great combination!"

Are you ready to roll? This game-changing bead is hitting shelves at dealers near you soon. But you don’t have to wait to try it for yourself — fill out the form below to request a free sample roll. And be sure to follow PRC Taping on Instagram for more pro tutorials like this one.