Mud Masters: Installing Fast Edge® Paper with the AMES MudRunner®

Trim-Tex’s paper-covered corner bead, Fast Edge® Paper, requires no glue, no staples to install it. As we like to say, just “mud & done.” But if you want to use exactly the right amount of mud every time — not too little, not too much — a corner applicator or angle box can be your best friend. For that, you can’t do better than the AMES MudRunner®, which makes consistently applying mud to corners faster and easier than ever. And combining these two faster, simpler solutions is a no-brainer: try installing Fast Edge Paper with the AMES MudRunner, and you’ll have even relatively novice drywall finishers looking like pros.


The MudRunner is a corner applicator tool that uses a tensioned plunger and a gas-charged shock absorber to squeeze out compound. If you’ve used most other applicators before, you’ve probably gotten sore shoulders and arms from manually pushing out mud all day — the MudRunner makes this far easier by letting you apply the perfect amount of mud with a simple twist of the wrist on the handle. Whether you’re brand-new at the job or you’re a seasoned veteran just looking to save your shoulders from all that strain, this is going to be your go-to mudding aid.

Fast Edge Paper_FEP10_R1-1

Meanwhile, Fast Edge Paper is the paper-covered corner bead that installs quicker than any other on the market, all while using the least amount of mud. All that’s thanks to the patented “mud locks” lining the bead’s vinyl core, which grip into the compound for a tight, resilient bond, with the laminated paper covering gripping onto the drywall. By using Fast Edge Paper, you’re cutting out an entire layer of mudding (just the application coat and the final coat are all you need), and you’ll be left with a perfect, wildly durable corner that’s made to last for many years to come.

Installing Fast Edge Paper with the AMES MudRunner is simple: Attach a 90-degree outside-corner mud head to the cone at the top of the tool using its handy locking clip, which will keep it affixed. Then you’ll fill up the MudRunner with a loading pump (the tube holds 50 percent more mud than the largest angle box). The MudRunner’s clear tube will let you see how much mud you’ve got left in the chamber.

Installing Fast Edge Paper with the AMES MudRunner 2

Push the mud head onto your corner and gently twist the handle to open up the flow, and the pressurized system will push mud onto the corner. Run the tool up the corner to apply your compound — you may need a couple passes to evenly coat the corner, but the MudRunner let you apply thick coats with dripping.

Once you’ve got a good coat of mud, apply your stick of Fast Edge Paper, gently at first. Then we’d recommend picking up one of our Fast Edge Paper Rollers — which is engineered specifically for Fast Edge Paper, allowing you to easily apply pressure evenly for a flawless finish — and roll it up and down the bead a few times. Some excess mud will be pushed out the back of the bead (but significantly less than if you hadn’t used the MudRunner); grab your favorite joint knife and wipe that mud down along the bead’s flanges to finish your initial mud coat. Once that’s done drying, you’ll typically only need one more coat of mud to complete the process.

Installing Fast Edge Paper with the AMES MudRunner helps you make the most of every drop of joint compound you’ve got, and makes the entire installation process easier and faster than ever. Fill out the form below to request a sample of Fast Edge Paper to get a close look at this paper-covered corner bead for yourself. The MudRunner is available for rent or purchase through any AMES retail location. You can visit the AMES Store Locator to find the location nearest you today.