Top 5 Trim-Tex Articles of 2022

As Trim-Tex has gone through numerous big changes in 2022 — from an overhauled catalog to a brand-new website to preparing to launch a new rolled Fast Edge® solution — we couldn’t be more grateful for the support of all of you in the drywall community. If you’re one of those who stuck with us through thick and thin this year, you probably know that, every week, we publish new stories to our website: tips, videos, case studies, news and more. Some of these stories really caught your attention and fired up your creativity this year — here are the top five Trim-Tex articles of 2022, based on how often they were read, shared and discussed this year!

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Cast Your Shadow: Where to Use Architectural Z Shadow Bead

Brian Kitchin of Drywall Nation is a true pro and a widely respected figure in the drywall world, and in this video, he takes us onto a jobsite to show where and how he uses our Architectural Z Shadow Bead. Z Shadow Bead is a popular vinyl bead that creates gorgeous reveal details around doors, baseboards and other architectural components, perfect for interior design with a minimalist aesthetic. Check out the video to see how clean and sharp Brian’s reveals came out, smoothly transitioning from baseboards to trimless doors perfectly. We can’t wait to see more of Drywall Nation’s excellent work in 2023!


Shower Bead Case Study: The Avalyn – Chula Vista, CA

We were fortunate enough to be able to travel to Southern California to check out a massive multifamily development project called The Avalyn, itself just one part of an even larger “master-planned” community called Millennia. There, we got to talk to the drywall crews working on that job from Southern California Interiors, Inc., who were using three different Trim-Tex solutions to get the job done: Sound Gasket, Fast Edge® Paper and Shower Bead.

The Shower Bead case study was the most viewed of the three, showing how the drywall crew used this oversized Tear Away L bead to finish all the shower enclosures in the many bathrooms throughout the project. Says Southern California Interiors Estimator/Project Manager Anthony Anderson of Shower Bead:

“It's always been in the back of my mind there's got to be a better way to do it. The caulking infill is just a lot dirtier. We've always been looking for a cleaner, faster way to infill those tub flanges, and when my superintendent showed us this, it's just quicker, cleaner installation all around.”
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The New, Revamped 2022 Trim-Tex Catalog Is Here!

Like we mentioned up top, toward the beginning of the year, we debuted a new Trim-Tex catalog that reworked how our solutions are organized, presented and photographed, and the response to that change has been overwhelmingly positive. This article functioned as a kind of guided tour of the new catalog, showing off what’s new and what’s exciting within its pages. If you’d like to request a catalog for yourself, either in print or digitally, you can do so here.

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Kaïla & Alison Gilbert: Women in Drywall

This year, we continued our program to highlight women working in the drywall trade, and our spotlight on the Gilbert sisters, a taping team out of Edmonton, Alberta, really struck a chord with our audience this year. Aside from their top-notch finishing work, Kaïla and Alison have been blowing up on social media (Allison’s TikTok page has nearly doubled its followers since we published our article). Read the full profile to learn how the pair use social media “as a business card,” what it’s like to have your sister as your taping partner, and why they think the trades are a great career path for women.

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What’s the Big Deal About Buttboard?

Buttboard, Trim-Tex’s OSB solution for creating tapered butt joints, always provokes a lot of discussion, and this video from Refresh Home Improvements made a lot of waves when it was released. In it, RHI’s Steve Tuer explains exactly how Buttboard works and how it saves him time on drywall jobs. It’s specially engineered to get thinner towards the middle, pulling back drywall sheets slightly to imitate a factory-tapered joint. Give the full video a watch to learn more!

Thanks again to anyone who’s read, shared or discussed any of our articles this year! Hopefully, you’ve learned a thing or two from our articles this year, or found some inspiration you’ll use in your work. And we’re not slowing down anytime soon — stay tuned for weekly stories in 2023! To never miss an update, hit the button below to follow us on Instagram and you'll find all our tips and news there!

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