The All-New Is Here

If you’re reading this, welcome to the all-new — this new website is the result of countless hours spent rebuilding your online experience with Trim-Tex from the ground up.

If we’ve done our jobs right, you’ll now be able find what you need from us (and maybe even find a thing or two you didn’t know you needed) far more easily than ever before. Looking for specific installation instructions? Head on over to Resources and pop the product you’re looking for into the search bar. Just need to ask our customer-service team a quick question? That big, blue “CONTACT US” button’s in the top-right corner of every page.

In this article, we’re going to introduce a few of the new features you can find on the all-new, but please, take a look around for yourself, on your computer, phone or tablet — we hope you love it as much as we do.

Enhanced product pages

The crown jewel of our new website are easily the new product pages. Besides a general new-and-improved look over our last website, these pages feature everything you need to know about each of our beads, from the general to the highly technical. Scroll through the photo carousel on each page to find high-quality, real-world photography of these drywall accessories, serving as instructions or inspiration. Just below that, we’ve got animated installation videos for your easy reference, as well as interactive 3-D renders for you to get an up-close-and-personal view of each bead.

Keep scrolling down for much more — we’ve got technical specifications, detailed install instructions, submittal sheets, Safety Data Sheets, UL reports for anything fire rated and even CAD/BIM files for the more architecturally minded. And there’s still more: related products, related posts to learn more, a dealer locator tool and, our favorite, a gallery of images from real contractors using our products, customized for each product category, like the one you see below.

Finding where to buy

We love our trusted drywall supply dealer partners, which is why we’ve made it easier than ever to find one near you. Head over to the “Where to Buy” section of the site, punch in your ZIP code (or, for customers outside the U.S., select your country from the list below that) and find the nearest you.

You can then simply click or tap on the address to pull up directions, or on the phone number to give them a ring. Use the tool below to give it a try!

Find Your Local Dealer

Trim-Tex beads are flying off the shelves at a dealer near you. Snag a box or a truckload of your favorite corner profiles today.

Discover more — much more

From tutorials to product spotlights to drywall finishing tips to case studies, the Trim-Tex blog has been putting out weekly stories for a long time now. But, for some, with hundreds of articles to sort through, finding the right articles for you might feel daunting.

On the all-new, we’ve made sorting through articles far easier. First, you can sort through the kind of article you’re looking for — tips, case studies or news, as well as popular series “Women in Drywall” and “Drywall 101.” Or you can sort through articles by their relevancy to your profession, whether you’re a residential or commercial contractor, homeowner or business owner, architect or interior designer. (Note: with years’ worth of articles, categorizing some of our older content is still a work in progress.)

The all-new is a massive step forward toward improving our relationships with our customers online. Want to keep updated on everything we’ve got going on? Hit the button below to sign up for our monthly newsletter, which rounds up all the latest tips, news and insights, and delivers them straight to your inbox!

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