The New, Revamped 2022 Trim-Tex Catalog Is Here!

For many, many years now, pro drywall finishers from all over have kept copies of our catalog on the dash of their trucks, and when they encounter a problem, nine times out of 10, we’re proud to say they could thumb through that catalog and find the solution. But we thought we could do better — we wanted to give these pros a catalog that’s as clean, simple and easy-to-use as the vinyl drywall beads contained within its pages. And with the 2022 Trim-Tex catalog, we think we’ve accomplished that goal.

The team at Trim-Tex has been hard at work retooling the way we approach our catalog. Request a copy of the latest Trim-Tex catalog here, and read on to discover all the new improvements we’ve made to our handy inventory of drywall solutions.

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New Trim-Tex branding. Our new logo has been around for about a year now, but this catalog really puts a fresh coat of paint on Trim-Tex as a company. We think our new logo does a better job of communicating what we’re all about — we are a maker of sleek, innovative solutions that can help finishers reach new heights in their work while also saving them time and money while they’re at it.

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New photography. All our past catalogs have shown you what our beads look like with small illustrations. Those got the job done, but we’re proud of the products we manufacture and we wanted to show them off with high-quality photography of each and every solution within our inventory. Additionally, you’ll find photos throughout demonstrating how real crews are using our beads on real jobsites, located everywhere from St. Louis to Southern California.

Catalog Spotlight_2.17.22-03

New descriptions for all our solutions. While plenty of drywall pros have been using Trim-Tex for decades now (the kinds of folks who can tell a Tear Away Bead from a Mud Set Bead in a single glance), every day is someone’s first day on the job. And with that in mind, we rewrote the descriptions for every one of our solutions to give a better understanding of what each bead does and why you’d want to use it.

Catalog Spotlight_2.17.22-04

New organization for many solutions. When we took a hard look at our old catalogs, we discovered that we could shake up some of the ways in which they’re organized to make the whole thing easier to follow. Some new categories we’ve come up with, for instance, include “Made for Movement” (containing beads that eliminate the cracks and damage that can come along with structural movement by remaining flexible, like our Deflection Bead and Truss Backing Angle) and “Returns & Jambs” (containing beads finishers can use to finish these kinds of areas faster than ever, like our Fast Caps and Super L Bead). Breezing through the catalog to find what you need has never been simpler!

Catalog Spotlight_2.17.22-05

New spotlights on the people and places that have benefitted from using Trim-Tex solutions. The new catalog comes complete with two-page spreads and articles that will help you make the most out of the 2022 Trim-Tex catalog. These include an interview with Montana finisher Lydia Crowder (AKA Drywall Shorty); a brief case study on a commercial crew who used our Fire Bead to accelerate their firestopping on a massive renovation project; and a feature on what our ever-popular Shower Bead solution is and why you’d want to use it on your next project.

Catalog Spotlight_2.17.22-06

New section on technical specifications. Some folks want to learn more about a product by reading our new descriptions, and some folks just want to get down to brass tacks. And, in the back of the 2022 Trim-Tex catalog, you can do just that, with a full rundown of all the nitty-gritty specs and dimensions for every solution contained in the catalog.

Catalog Spotlight_2.17.22-07

New product preview: Fast Edge® Rolls. You’re hearing it here first — in the next year, we’re going to be rolling out a new twist on our quick-install, material-saving, paper-covered corner bead, Fast Edge. In a convenient rolled form, you’ll be able to conquer inside corners and off-angles at faster-than-ever speeds. Check out what the solution looks like in action in the catalog, and stay tuned for more news on this dynamic upcoming product.

Heard enough? The 2022 Trim-Tex catalog is now available in printed and digital forms to keep on the dash of your truck like finishers have been doing for years, or view as a PDF on your computer, phone or tablet! Hit the button below to get started.

Find Your Next Solution

Find Your Next Solution

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