Use F Reveal Bead for Modern Base Trim (with No Baseboards!)

Modern designs can sometimes call for more modern solutions, and these days, your base trim doesn’t necessarily mean using baseboards. To see what we mean, just check out a recent project from the reno pros at Refresh Home Improvements, where they decided to use our F Reveal Bead for modern base trim sans baseboards. This design features an eye-catching trimless reveal detail running along the bottom of their drywall that makes the walls look like they’re floating above the floors.

Bye Bye Baseboards! F Reveal Bead by Trim-Tex
Bye Bye Baseboards! F Reveal Bead by Trim-Tex

In the above video, RHI’s Dan and Steve Tuer take you step-by-step through the process of installing F Reveal Bead for modern base trim — as you might have noticed, it’s not the easiest process in the world, but the results are worth it.

To start, if your drywall’s already hung, you’ll need to cut out a section of the boards to fit the bead for your reveal detail (or, if you’re starting from scratch, you can just hang the drywall with the appropriate amount of space left between the sheet and the ground). How large that gap is depends on the size of the F Reveal Bead you’re using, as they range anywhere from ½” to ⅝”. RHI is using that largest ⅝” F Reveal Bead, so he cuts away ¾” from the drywall to fit the bead inside the gap left in the base.

F Reveal Modern Base Trim RHI 3

Then flooring is applied — butting up closer to the framing than you normally would with baseboards — and now it’s time to install your bead. (RHI decided here to pre-paint the bead to match the dark grey they planned to paint the room. This is a whole lot easier than trying to paint the reveal after the fact, but it’s not necessary to paint the bead at all, especially if you’re going to have white walls.) Install your F Reveal Bead using 847 Spray Adhesive and ½” staples every six to eight inches down the mud legs of the bead.

Then all you’ve got to do is mask off the flooring and apply two to three coats of mud along your bead’s mud legs. Sand and wipe away any mud or gypsum dust that may have made their way into the reveal gap. Once everything’s painted, you’ll be left with a sleek room with modern trim that will make your clients or visitors say “wow.”

F Reveal Modern Base Trim RHI 8

Thank you to the Tuer brothers at Refresh Home Improvements for this excellent demonstration of how to use F Reveal Bead for modern base trim without ever touching a baseboard — be sure to follow them on your favorite social media channel for more videos like this. And while you’re at it, hit the button below to get a copy of our latest catalog, which is jam-packed with unique drywall accessories like this one that will take your finishing game to the next level!

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