Top 5 Most Popular Trim-Tex Products of 2023

Toward the end of every year, we like to take a look back through our sales numbers, our social media interactions and our sample requests and get a look at what our customers really went wild for throughout the year. 2023 is no different — we had a wonderful year of helping drywallers of all skill levels solve their problems and save some time. Here are the top five most popular Trim-Tex products that you used to level up your drywall finishing game this year!

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This picture depicts two people working in a freshly dry-walled room.

Fast Edge® Roll

The biggest event of the year for many drywall finishers was the rollout of Fast Edge® Rolls, our answer to the call for a top-quality rolled corner bead that could easily handle a wide range of angles in one convenient box. And when we finally launched this rolled solution, it made a huge impact on the drywall world. We’ve heard from tons of contractors who’ve been making the switch to Fast Edge Rolls and never looking back, making this easily one of the most popular Trim-Tex solutions of the year.

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847 Spray Adhesive

Another classic: 847 Spray Adhesive is known far and wide for being the essential tool you need to flawlessly install standard vinyl corner bead. As a result, we ship these cans all over the world by the truckload every day. Because it’s so innovative, time-saving and easy to use, 847 Spray Adhesive is Trim-Tex in a nutshell, and always one of our most popular solutions.

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Fire Rated 093V Expansion

This year, Trim-Tex’s family code compliance solutions really took off like a rocket in popularity, as commercial construction crews are seeing just how beneficial these beads can be. That’s especially been the case for the highly in-demand Fire Rated 093V Expansion. Why? It takes care of two major categories of code requirements — for control joints placed on long, unbroken stretches of wall partitions, and protecting wall joints from the spread of fire and smoke — in a single simple solution. To learn more, check out this recent case study on how one commercial crew utilized Fire Rated 093V Expansion here.

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¾” Large Bullnose Corner Bead

Last but definitely not least, it’s the rounded corner bead that’s been a Trim-Tex powerhouse for decades. All sizes of our line of unmatched vinyl Bullnose beads are beloved by drywall finishers, interior designers and architects across the globe (especially with Texans), but it’s the classic ¾”-radius version of the bead that takes the cake — and has now appeared on this annual list for three years running.

Thank you to everyone who used Trim-Tex this year, whether you used one of these five solutions or any other in our wide array of drywall finishing accessories. To get a better picture of just how much Trim-Tex has to offer, grab a free copy of our latest catalog. Hit the button below to get started!

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