Top 5 Most Popular Trim-Tex Solutions of 2022

As another year winds down, we just want to thank everyone who used Trim-Tex’s solutions to make their space clean, crisp and beautiful in 2022! A corner bead may not seem like much, but pro drywall finishers know it can go a long way toward elevating your entire home or building — and protecting your drywall corners for years to come while you’re at it. This year, like 2021, the highest-selling Trim-Tex beads were all about the essentials: the accessories drywallers needed to get the job done right and on-budget, every time. Here are your top five most popular Trim-Tex solutions of 2022!

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1. ¾” Bullnose Corner Bead

No surprise here! (The ¾” Bullnose was also last year’s most popular solution.) In terms of decorative drywall accessories, Bullnose reigns supreme, especially in the southwestern U.S. You can’t beat the nice, rounded edge that this bead provides, adding flavor to each and every drywall corner. All that flair, plus the durability and versatility of Trim-Tex’s vinyl materials? What’s not to love?

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2. Corner Bead and Archway

You can’t go wrong with our standard Corner Bead and Archway — it’s ideal for protecting your vulnerable drywall edges, leaving a clean, tasteful 90-degree corner once it’s finished. Meanwhile, with archways becoming increasingly popular for architects and interior designers, the archway version of this bead is essential for gorgeous arched details. It’s no wonder that drywall finishers love this soft-profile bead for all their corners!

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3. Tear Away Bead / Flat Tear Away Bead

If you’re reading this, you probably already know that Tear Away Bead is a must-have for finishing areas like windows, where drywall butts up against another substrate. Flat Tear Away, meanwhile, is for those times where the drywall is flush against that component, or is full of backing materials like acoustical caulks. And if you’ve never used these solutions before, 2023 is a great time to get started — you’ll love the satisfaction of ripping away their tear-off strips, leaving behind the cleanest finished edges you can get!

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4. Dual Angle Dual Grit Sanding Block

Sanding isn’t any drywall finisher’s favorite part of the job, but it is a necessary one, and the Dual Angle Dual Grit Sanding Block makes that process a whole lot easier. With one side handling medium-grit jobs and the other fine grits, you’ll just need one block to tackle most projects with relative ease. That’s what makes this abrasive solution so beloved amongst drywallers of all stripes — even if they can't stand sanding!

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5. Adjustable Inside Corner Bead

Sometimes, paper tape just doesn’t cut it for inside corners. An inside corner equipped with Adjustable Inside Corner Bead is more impact-resistance, straighter and sharper, and since its hinge design can allow it to be used in any inside corner from 70 degrees to 150 degrees, it’s highly versatile. That’s what’s made it so popular this year, and most likely, for many years to come!

These five products are unbeatable for a flawless finishing in all kinds of areas, residential or commercial — and they’re just the tip of the iceberg. Hit the button below to request a catalog to check out the full range of Trim-Tex’s top-quality offerings. Thanks again to anyone who used Trim-Tex this year, and we can’t wait to show you everything we have in store for you in 2023!

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