Top 5 Most Popular Trim-Tex Solutions of 2021

This year has been full of ups and downs for everyone, with work for many of us in the construction industry going back into full swing. And meanwhile, with supply-chain issues hitting all of us pretty hard in one way or another, the always-volatile price of steel skyrocketed, while the price of vinyl held relatively stable. For us at Trim-Tex, these two developments meant a lot of new folks in the finishing trade gave vinyl corner bead a try for the first time — and we’ve spoken to some of them who have become lifelong converts.

In 2020, when many drywalling crews were forced to stop work and hunker down, our hottest items of that year were newer, bolder choices, like the paper-covered Fast Edge® and the groundbreaking firestopping solution Fire Bead. Throughout 2021, as you’ll see below, there was more money being spent on tried-and-true corner beads and commercial solutions made for movement — which makes sense, as there were plenty of crews making up for lost time this year; they were under the gun with their deadlines and choosing sure-fire options they’re already familiar with. According to our sales numbers, here are your top five most popular Trim-Tex solutions for 2021!

1. ¾" R. Bullnose Corner Bead & Archway

Top 2021 Products_11.29.21_R2_1

If you’re already a fan of the smooth, rounded look of a Bullnose corner bead, you already know why this was our top-selling solution for the year — it’s a classic! There’s one area in particular that especially loves their Bullnose beads, though: Texas. Whether its popularity is due to an influence from the adobe-style architecture from south of the border or just a special fondness for soft corners, Texans are installing this corner bead all the time, pushing it over the edge into being our most popular solution of the year. Kudos on the good taste, Lone Star State!

2. Standard Corner Bead & Archway

Top 2021 Products_11.29.21_R2_2

No surprises here! Trim-Tex’s flagship vinyl Corner Bead & Archway (often referred to simply by its SKU number, 4010) is a touchstone for drywall finishers from all over the globe for good reasons. To put it simply, it goes on quickly and easily (using nothing more than half-inch staples and a small dose of our 847 Spray Adhesive), it looks great and holds up well against bumps, scrapes and even heavy impact on your corners for years to come. The bendable archway variety is the perfect choice for curved surfaces, making drywall finishers look like absolute wizards. What more could you ask for?

3. Tear Away L Bead

Top 2021 Products_11.29.21_R2_3

On a jobsite we visited in St. Louis, Mo., this year, we overheard one of the finishers there compare our Tear Away Bead to Kleenex — you just say, “hand me some of that Tear Away,” even if it’s actually one of our other solutions featuring a tear-off strip, or even the off-brand stuff. We understood what he was getting at: like Kleenex is for runny noses, our Tear Away L Bead is the gold standard for finishing around windows and doors, and can be a magic key for when your window is framed flush with the adjoining substrate. This one will remain popular for a long time to come.

4. Fire Rated 093V Expansion Bead

Top 2021 Products_11.29.21_R2_4

This year, the most popular member of our family of fire rated drywall accessories was the handy, versatile Fire Rated 093V Expansion Bead, AKA 093X-V. Especially for commercial drywall finishers, who need to install control joints where a wall, ceiling or partition runs in an uninterrupted straight plane longer than 30 linear feet, this solution can be a lifesaver. It both provides up to ⅜” of movement and firestop materials in one easy-to-use package, satisfying both building-code requirements in a single step without having to touch any tricky, short-lived fire caulks. Learn more about what the Fire Rated 093V Expansion Bead is and why it’s so useful here.

5. Magic Corner

Top 2021 Products_11.29.21_R2_5

Magic Corner lives up to its name — it’s like a wand you can wave to eliminate inside corner cracking due to movement. Like the Fire Rated Expansion Bead, it provides up to ⅜” of controlled movement, and is perfect for drywallers who have a lot of inside corners to finish and not a lot of time. Its flexibility also allows you to execute inventive designs, especially on ceilings. With these two huge advantages combined, it’s no wonder it’s one of our most popular items of 2021. Don’t sleep on Magic Corner — it can be a real game-changer!

Your top five Trim-Tex solutions of 2021 can be found in countless homes and buildings across the world, and we couldn’t be happier that we could save those drywall finishers some money, some time and some headaches. We can’t wait to continue working with you in 2022, and in the meantime, if you want to get a closer look at our top-selling items for this year, just hit the button below and we’ll send you a free sample pack featuring all five!