Answering All Your Questions About 847™ Spray Adhesive

Longtime vinyl corner bead users already know: there’s nothing quite like 847™ Spray Adhesive. It’s a drywall finisher’s best friend, allowing them to easily, quickly install vinyl corners that look great and stay looking great for the long haul. For that reason, 847 is a wildly popular installation tool, and a frequent topic of conversation in the calls and emails Trim-Tex’s customer service team receives every day. So, we thought we’d lighten their load a little and answer some of the most common questions about 847 Spray Adhesive our customers are asking us. Let’s get into it!

What is 847 Spray Adhesive?

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847 Spray Adhesive is a high-tack, pressure-sensitive installation aid designed and tested by our engineers to be used with Trim-Tex vinyl beads. It’s a specially formulated web spray that creates a stronger bond than mist spray adhesives, designed specifically to bond rigid vinyl to drywall. To put it more simply, 847 is a must-have for drywall finishers who use vinyl corner beads, want a pristine finish and want to cut down on their time and energy spent installing them.

Okay, but do I really, really need 847 to install Trim-Tex beads?

We recommend that, yes, you use this solution on any corner bead that calls for it, especially movement-based beads like the 093V Expansion bead. (Some beads, like our Mud Set beads and Fast Edge Paper, don’t require any spray or staples — these you would use nothing but mud.) We can’t guarantee to a certainty that you’ll achieve the top-quality finish or permanent bond we’re known for without using the spray. However, in some cases, you’ll be able to accomplish what you need by simply doubling up on your use of staples — instead of applying them every six to eight inches, go with every two to four inches.

Is there any substitute for 847 Spray Adhesive?

There are many imitators, but no, for installing vinyl corner bead, 847 is essentially one-of-a-kind. (The closest equivalent on the market is double the price and high VOC.) 847’s ability to empower you to install vinyl drywall accessories with precision and ease is matchless.

Is 847 Spray Adhesive safe to use?

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847 Spray Adhesive is low-VOC (less than 40 percent by weight) and has been rigorously tested countless times to be helpful to drywall finishers, not harmful. By following a few simple safety measures, yes, 847 Spray Adhesive is quite safe to use:

  • Like any other solution that uses a propellant, use 847 in a well-ventilated space — open those windows and run those fans — or outdoors. If that’s not possible, wear respiratory protection, like a respirator mask (pictured above); we’d advise just wearing a respirator in any circumstance.

  • Keep it away from your eyes and use protective eyewear. If it gets in your eyes, rinse them with water for several minutes. If irritation continues, seek medical attention. (Being in a well-ventilated space will also help ameliorate any risk here.)

  • It could cause an allergic skin reaction — wear those gloves and wash up after use.

  • Like any aerosol, it’s quite flammable. Keep it away from hot surfaces, sparks, open flames and other ignition sources.

We are dedicated to making sure our customers know exactly how and where to use 847 safely, which is why these precautions are printed on the back of the can and the full Safety Data Sheet is easily available.

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How far away should the 847 can be away from the bead when I spray it?

Hold your can about eight to 10 inches away from the surface during use.

Do I need to spray both the bead and the drywall before applying my bead?

We highly recommend you spray both surfaces with 847 Spray Adhesive, wait a beat for both to get tacky and then apply the bead to the drywall for a more permanent bond. (This is especially the case for expansion beads, like Magic Corner.) In most cases, spraying just one surface with two coats will suffice, but your best bet for a long-lasting finish is spraying both.

What do I do if the nozzle gets clogged?

First try dabbing the nozzle with a petroleum solvent. In the rare circumstance where this happens, get in touch with our customer service team and we’ll send out replacement nozzles.

How do I remove excess spray?

We’ve tested a number of cleaners and we’ve found that orange citrus cleaners like Goo Gone remover work best. 

How do I store 847 Spray Adhesive?

In a cool, dry place. Just make sure that spot is out of direct sunlight, will never exceed 120° F and is out of reach of children, and you can expect a long, safe shelf life of several years.

How much corner bead can I install using a single can of 847 Spray Adhesive?

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If you do one continuous spray on a surface, you could get 350 to 400 feet out of one can of 847, depending on thickness of the spray. But, of course, no one is doing that — if you’re spraying twice on the bead and/or drywall you will get around 180 to 200 linear feet of corner bead.

After high demand and supply chain complications took it off our shelves for an extended period, 847 Spray Adhesive is now back in stock at Trim-Tex. Pick up a can or a whole box today at a drywall supply dealer near you — find your local source below, and stick with the best!

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