Drywall Design Trends for 2023

Drywall may not be the sexiest part of your interior design plan, but since it usually covers a massive chunk of the surface area of your home or commercial space, it’s obviously a crucial component to consider. There’s a lot more you can do with drywall than big, bare walls. And these days, we’re seeing more and more interior designers and architects rethink drywall for how it can elevate the entire look and feel of a space. Expect to see these drywall design trends for 2023 everywhere this year — and, with the right drywall accessories, you don’t need a ton of time, money or effort to try these trends yourself.

Drywall Design Trends for 2023 Curved Walls

Curved walls & archways

All kinds of folks, from construction pros to homeowners, are becoming increasingly aware that drywall doesn’t have to be all 90-degree angles. A curved wall requires a lot of pre-planning, a lot of advanced miter cuts and highly flexible drywall accessories — but they’re far from impossible, and add a real “wow” factor to any space. Much easier are archways as an alternative to traditional doorways, and if you don’t know how popular they’ve become for interior design, just turn on any TV remodeling show right now.

For corner trim that can flex and conform to curved surfaces, there’s a wide variety of archway beads in a wide variety of styles/profiles that come factory-notched to allow the beads to bend. These are easy to install and very durable, a favorite among pro drywall finishers. For curved walls that butt up to ceiling tiles, you can’t go wrong with using Flex Grid Angle at the head-of-wall.

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Drywall Design Trends for 2023 Bullnose Archway

Rounded corners

Those in Texas and the Southwest U.S. have been ahead of the curve here (no pun intended) for a while now, but we’ve seen this trend spread more recently. The soft, rounded profiles of Bullnose beads add subtle flair to drywall corners, making them the most popular corner-bead choices of 2022. And why not combine these first two drywall design trends of 2023 and go for Bullnose archways (pictured above)?

Bullnose corner beads come in three radii: the slim 350 Bull with a ⅜” curve, the standard ¾” Bullnose and the wide 1 ½” Bullnose. And stay tuned — later this year, we plan to launch an even smaller radius, the mini ³⁄₁₆” Bullnose for a modern, compact rounded edge.

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Drywall Design Trends for 2023 Accent Wall Reveals

Accent walls

Accent walls have never gone out of style, but especially in recent years, they’ve become an in-demand request for interior designers and architects. Of course, this could be as simple as a bold coat of paint. But why stop there? Push your drywall design to new heights and consider adding elegant reveal details within the wall itself (pictured above), and/or use a Z Shadow Bead along baseboards and doorways. Minimalist designs like these bump an accent wall up a notch to become true statements.

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Drywall Design Trends for 2023 Coffered Ceiling

Eye-catching ceilings

Just as folks have favored accent walls more and more, why stop at just walls? Floor your customers with eye-catching ceilings. Stylish ceilings are all the rage right now, and while many of these ceiling designs use other materials like reclaimed wood, you really just need a good plan and the right drywall accessories to accomplish yours. A coffered ceilings like the one pictured above is possible using Chamfer Bead for the outside corners and a flexible bead like Fast Edge Roll or Magic Corner for the insides. But, really, the only limit for striking drywall ceilings is your imagination!

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