How to Finish Mud Set Bullnose Bead Like a Pro

The vinyl Mud Set 350 Bull Corner Bead is built like a tank: the Mud Set installation method means it possesses the strongest bond to the drywall and the highest level of durability you can get. Meanwhile, its smooth, rounded profile makes it less potentially hazardous than the sharper 90-degree corner bead. Combined, these strengths make it the perfect solution for areas that receive a lot of impact and a lot of traffic (especially where children are present), like schools, hospitals and hotels — or if you just love the rounded look and want a corner that’s built to last. If any of this describes your next drywall job, here’s how to get a leg up on the competition and finish Mud Set Bullnose Bead like a pro.

We’ll let our friend PRC Taping — a true master in the craft of drywall finishing — take it from here, as he demonstrates how he expertly applies his first full coat of mud onto a Bullnose corner.

If you look closely, one of the first things you’ll notice in the above video is that the Mud Set 350 Bull Corner Bead that PRC Taping is using has no staples along its mud leg, or tacky residue from a coat of 847 Spray Adhesive. This is because the Mud Set installation doesn’t require any of these kinds of glues or mechanical fasteners — to initially install the bead, just run it through a hopper, use a compound applicator tube or manually blade the mud onto the surface of the drywall. Then apply the bead to the corner (we would recommend using a Pro Series Quad Roller here to make sure you’re applying pressure evenly across the entire length of the bead) and excess mud will be squeezed out from the small holes along the mud legs for you to wipe down.

PRC Bullnose bead

As you can see in the video, PRC Taping applies the first coat of mud with a knife on either side of the Mud Set Bullnose Bead. Then comes the mark of a real pro — he takes a bit of scrap he had cut off one end of the bead and uses it in the finishing process (see photo below). This accomplishes two things: (a) it evenly spreads the mud across the rounded edge of the Bullnose corner bead, which can be tricky to do with a flat, straight taping knife; and (b) it reduces waste by recycling his scrap for a new purpose, and by collecting any excess mud, which is deposited back onto his hawk to use on the next corner. This kind of inventive repurposing of material is the true meaning of Drywall Art.

How to Finish Mud Set Bullnose Bead Like a Pro - cleaning
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