Why We Love Chamfer Bead

Ask around Trim-Tex HQ, and there’s one corner bead profile you’ll hear come up time and time again as a favorite among a lot of folks here: Chamfer Bead. It may not be the most popular or the most innovative drywall accessory we make, but it’s hard to deny — that chamfered edge adds a real cool spin on traditional 90-degree drywall corners. Here’s why we love Chamfer Bead so much, with an assist from our friends at Refresh Home Improvements.

When Refresh Home Improvements was tasked with redoing the entryway to an office (not just any office — our Canadian partners at Wallboard Trim & Tool), they selected our Medium Chamfer Bead, enhancing the space so the drywall makes an excellent first impression. Check out the video below to see how they did it:

So, why do we love Chamfer Bead? Just like the Tuer brothers at Refresh Home Improvements, it all comes down to aesthetics — take a gander at how the bead transforms one regular drywall corner into something more special, placing two distinct angles onto it. If you didn’t know better, you might think that was a concrete column or some kind of time-consuming plaster work, not just simple drywall and vinyl corner bead.

RHI Chamfer 3

As you can see at RHI’s project, Chamfer Bead isn’t super fancy, super expensive or super difficult to use — it’s installed like any other standard Trim-Tex vinyl corner bead, with 847 Spray Adhesive, staples and mud, that’s all. It’s simple and straightforward, yes, but adds a whole lot of character to your drywall work; your corners look like a million bucks and you look like a total drywall wizard for being able to do it.

RHI Chamfer 11

Chamfer Bead, in both its Medium and Large forms (and don’t forget about the splayed versions of each size), is an excellent choice for drywallers of all skill levels who want to wow their clients without running up a huge bill on them. It’s sleek, it’s aesthetically pleasing and it creates some awesome shadow lines. So why do we love Chamfer Bead? What’s not to love?

RHI Chamfer 10

Thanks to the Tuers at Refresh Home Improvements for showing off their work! You can follow RHI on Instagram here.And to never miss a tip or trick from Trim-Tex, hit that button below to sign up for our newsletter, delivered straight to your email inbox!

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