What Makes Fast Edge® Roll So Game-Changing for Contractors?

The new Fast Edge® Rolls have officially rolled out to drywall supply dealers, and have already become among the fastest-selling products in Trim-Tex’s 54-year history — they’re flying off shelves about as quickly as they’re being stocked. We’ve started to receive some feedback from contractors who’ve tried this rolled off-angle solution, and there are two words we keep hearing over and over again from these folks: “game” and “changer.” And what makes Fast Edge Roll so game-changing for contractors? We’ll let the renovation virtuosos at Refresh Home Improvements explain for themselves.

Trim-Tex is launching their paper-faced vinyl, in ROLL FORM!
Trim-Tex is launching their paper-faced vinyl, in ROLL FORM!

As Steve Tuer from RHI praises in the above video, the main things the Roll’s got going for it are its flexibility and adaptability, as well as the Mud Lock Technology featured on the paper-covered bead’s vinyl core (more on that later).

That flexibility allows it to bend to fit a wide variety of angles, from sharp to wide. Its adaptability allows you to use it in countless circumstances, whether you need a few feet or a hundred, installing it how you want to — whether it’s by using an inside corner roller like Steve does in the video, or blading it onto the wall directly.

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Fast Edge Roll’s adaptability also extends to its portability. RHI’s Dan Tuer (pictured above left) sat down with us after using the rolled bead and explained:

“Fast Edge Roll’s going to be in our possession forever. One of the really inconvenient things about corner beads in general, is just keeping them around. Trim-Tex has already ahead of the game because you don't have to keep them like metal beads, where they're going to get dented and damaged as you move them around. It's nice to be able to keep them in your locker, or wherever. At stores, it's just harder to pick it up. If you want to pick up 10-foot corner beads, you've got to pick up a truck — even that can be tough, dangling out the back of your pickup truck. Having a roll of the Fast Edge is going to be a lot easier to maneuver from site to site.”

The other massive game-changing element of Fast Edge Roll, especially compared to other popular rolled off-angle solutions, are those Mud Locks running along the length of the bead (pictured below). These vinyl hooks provide three times the bond strength over other rolled products, leaving you with a flawless finish for the long haul.

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That Mud Lock-equipped vinyl core also gives the bead just enough rigidity to allow you to handle it easily, without folding in on itself. Says Steve Tuer:

If you're running a different rolled bead on a 12-foot length, and you're sticking one half on it and you're moving down, that half is falling off as fast as you're putting it on. That is such a messy problem because it's covered in mud and now it's flopping around everywhere. With the Mud Lock Technology on Fast Edge Roll, I think marrying the paper with the rigidity of those plastic-backed corners — adding Mud Lock legs to that — I think is so smart, because you're gaining everything that makes Fast Edge good, and you're combining that with everything that makes rolled products already good. When you put those two things together, I don't know how you could improve on a product like that.”

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