Pros React to Fast Edge Paper: Featuring PRC Taping and Gilbert Taping

In the world of construction, innovation is often measured by its impact on efficiency and quality. A few years ago, Trim-Tex made a remarkable entry into the market of paper-covered corner bead by introducing Fast Edge Paper — a corner bead made with paper laminated over a vinyl core, featuring our patented Mud Lock Technology that keeps the corner held firmly in place.

When the product launched a few years ago, it became the fastest-selling corner bead we’ve ever made. We asked some of the trusted voices in the drywall community to share their honest opinions about Fast Edge Paper.

Installing Fast Edge® Paper Like a Pro (feat. PRC Taping)
Installing Fast Edge® Paper Like a Pro (feat. PRC Taping)

You know him as the strong, silent type whose exceptional drywall finishing skills speak for themselves — Phil Ciufo, also known as PRC Taping. Phil has been using Fast Edge Paper since its pre-production days. Let him explain why he continues to put his trust in this product on every project.

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Trim-Tex: A lot of your work features Fast Edge Paper. What makes it stand out and how does it compare to other paper-covered corner beads?

Phil: Fast Edge Paper is by far my favorite bead out there, no question about it. I’ve used Trim-Tex beads for years. When Fast Edge Paper came out, that was it — I knew that these were going to be the only beads I’d ever use. I just knew right away, this is a game-changer. The low profile and minimum fill create a perfectly finished corner every time.

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Trim-Tex: You use the Hopper and Roller, following our installation instructions to the letter. And you were an early Fast Edge Paper adopter. Drawing on your experience, do you have any installation tips?

Phil: The Hopper is key when installing mass amounts of bead, which is usually what I deal with on most of my projects. I would say a good tip is to ensure the mud consistency is just right. You want to be able to move that bead along the wall but have it be easily workable as well.

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On the flip side, Kaïla and Allison Gilbert from Gilbert Taping never even tried Fast Edge Paper until they visited our headquarters. But once they got the opportunity to use it, it left a lasting impression. They installed Fast Edge Paper using the 4-in-1 Pro Series Hopper on a 90-degree angle and manually, with a pan and a knife, on an off angle. With years of experience under their belts and reputation for excellence, we wanted their honest opinions and here’s what they said.

Trim-Tex: Now that you got the chance to use Fast Edge Paper for the first time, what’s a feature that stands out for you?

Kaïla: Honestly, the Mud Lock Technology is really good. With other paper-covered beads, sometimes you get air bubbles behind and stuff like that. And with Fast Edge Paper, we haven’t had any problems like that. It’s actually refreshing.

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Allison: Even with really bad framing, you’ll see we’ll have to fill a big gap with mud before putting the bead on, and it doesn’t pull back out. It just stays in place. It’s easy to work with, and we can get a nice straight line at the end of the day. And I love that you can play a little with the angle of it. So that would help as well because we can make it an 81-degree like those Closed Angle beads and have that same result but use less mud.

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Trim-Tex: Do you see a speed advantage with Fast Edge Paper?

Allison: It feels like it would be way faster than paper-faced metal because sometimes those don’t stick as well. Even when you apply it, it moves back if the framing is bad. The mud just doesn't stick to it as much, so it pulls back and moves around a little more. Even with the high-end homes that we finish, we still face a lot of uneven framing. This would save us time in the process of making the finished product look great. That’s why we were hoping to get that Fast Edge Paper out where we live so we can actually start using that to replace the paper-faced metal corners.

Kaïla: It’s just easy to work with but still has the durability of Trim-Tex’s original vinyl corners. And we don’t have to use as much mud.

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If you’re looking for a corner bead that combines quality and efficiency, Fast Edge Paper is the way to go! The consensus among these drywall pros is clear: Fast Edge Paper is a game-changer. It provides a superior finish and offers significant time-saving advantages, making it a preferred choice for drywall pros.

Let us know what you like about Fast Edge Paper!

Let us know what you like about Fast Edge Paper!