Full Speed Ahead: Installing Fast Edge® Paper

Just about every drywall finisher we’ve ever talked to has, in some way or another, told us that they’re feeling under the gun with their work, with too much to get done and barely ever enough time to get it done in. So, a couple years ago, we debuted Fast Edge® Paper as a way to help those finishers claw back some of their time with their corners, without sacrificing the durability or bond strength Trim-Tex has become known for. And, fortunately, it’s struck a chord with contractors — enough of them have been installing Fast Edge Paper to make it Trim-Tex’s most popular product of 2020.

If you haven’t already hopped aboard the Fast Edge Paper train yet, we asked our friends from Drywall Nation to quickly show you, hands-on, how this dynamic paper-covered corner bead can help save you both time and material. We’ll let them take it from here:

Full Speed Ahead: Installing Fast Edge Paper (ft. Drywall Nation)
Full Speed Ahead: Installing Fast Edge Paper (ft. Drywall Nation)

As Brian from Drywall Nation details in the video, they key to Fast Edge Paper is, first off, a rigid vinyl structure featuring our own patented Mud Lock Technology, which provides a uniquely tight bond to the drywall — no screws, staples or sprays needed. Then, secondly, that vinyl core is covered in a layer of laminated paper, which provides an added level of bond strength.

DN FEP hopper thumb

Installing Fast Edge Paper could go in a number of directions, depending on your own preference. In the video, Brian favors running the bead through a 4-in-1 Hopper (pictured) before sticking it on the corner by hand, then using a Quad Roller to evenly apply pressure and get perfectly straight lines.

We love using the hopper method too, but if you’re more of a taping-knife purist, you could always just use your knife to apply a coat of mud on the wall, apply the bead and then lightly feather the edges to ensure an even coat. We always find a compound-applicator-tube method can work wonders with Fast Edge Paper too.

DN FEP mud locks thumb

Another benefit to watch for is that the paper-covered corner bead has a sharp nose with no mud bump, which means you don’t need very much mud to coat it, so not only are you saving a ton of time here; you’re cutting down on material costs too. (You can find out exactly how much time and material you’ll save with this solution here.)

Look, we didn’t call it “Fast Edge” for nothing — give it a try for yourself and see just how speedy and easy installing Fast Edge Paper can be. Find one of our trusted dealer partners near you by using our online locator tool below!

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