Small Profile, Big Payoff: Introducing 3/16” Small Bullnose

Big things are coming in a small profile! Trim-Tex has added a fourth member to our Bullnose family of corner beads — 3/16” Small Bullnose is the smallest-radius bullnose in the industry. With this softer rounded edge, you’re able to create uniquely modern corners that make a statement, in a subtle way. With four sizes of bullnose beads, from the new 3/16” radius to the Jumbo 1 ½” radius, there’s a style to suit any sensibility.

Introducing 3/16" Small Bullnose | Small Profile, Big Payoff #shorts
Introducing 3/16" Small Bullnose | Small Profile, Big Payoff #shorts

You’ve been asking for a smaller-radius bullnose edge for ages, and now we’re ready to start shipping boxes of 3/16" Small Bullnose to drywall supply dealers near you. Sold in 10-foot lengths with 50 sticks per box, your clients will love the look of these low-key, yet nonetheless distinct, rounded corners. And, since they’re from Trim-Tex, you can add this tasteful flair to your drywall corners without sacrificing the unbeatable durability of our vinyl materials.

Introducing Small Bullnose Install 3

To install 3/16” Small Bullnose, you just need to make sure you’ve hung your drywall with the proper setback (see the illustration on the left). Then you’ll simply apply 847 Spray Adhesive twice to the bead and/or the drywall and install it with half-inch staples every two to six inches. Then mud the bead into place as you would any other standard vinyl corner bead.

Bullnose Family Introducing Small Bullnose

With the addition of 3/16” Small Bullnose, to make the Bullnose line simpler for everyone to understand, we’re making some slight adjustments to the names of each of our Bullnose corner bead: along with 3/16” Small Bullnose, we now have ⅜” Medium Bullnose (also known as 350 Bull), ¾” Large Bullnose and 1 ½” Jumbo Bullnose. Nothing about these beloved beads besides the names is changing — we’re just making it easier to know which radius you need to order for your next job. Drywall contractors have been asking for this change for a long time now, and we’re happy to be able to meet those demands!

Bullnose Family Introducing Small Bullnose Stacked

Bullnose corner beads are immensely popular drywall accessories for adding dashes of Southwestern flavor to any interior space. And now, with the addition of a fourth profile to this family of solutions, you’ve got more options than ever to make your space your own. The smaller-radius bullnose edge is already becoming an in-demand style among architects and interior designers, and armed with 3/16” Small Bullnose Corner Bead, drywall finishers can easily bring their clients’ visions to life.

To get a closer look at the brand new 3/16” Small Bullnose Corner Bead for yourself, just fill out the form below and we’ll send you a free nine-inch sample!