Highlights from Build24 Convention & Expo

If you were at AWCI’s Build24 Convention & Expo in Orlando, Fla., we hope you had as good a time as we did! As always, it was awesome to get a chance to talk to so many of our customers, customers-to-be and fellow building materials manufacturers — and to meet so many Trim-Tex fans face-to-face! Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth to say hello and grab a little Trim-Tex swag.

And, if you were unable to make it to the show, hopefully this short video gives you a small taste of what it’s like at this awesome annual convention:

Highlights from the Build24 Convention & Expo! #shorts
Highlights from the Build24 Convention & Expo! #shorts

At this year’s expo, we were there to talk about a lot of our solutions, from the fire rated to the closed angle, but the big drywall finishing accessory on everyone’s lips was Fast Edge® Roll. Now that our popular paper-covered rolled corner bead been in stores (and in thousands of homes) for over a year, it was great to get a chance to talk to some of the folks who have been using and loving it.

One person who’s already been on record about his love for Fast Edge Roll is Brian Kitchin of Drywall Nation. Brian’s well-known around the drywall finishing community for being a true pro, in addition to being a big Trim-Tex user for more than 20 years. Here’s what Brian had to say about the roll:

“I’m a big fan of Fast Edge. We've been using it since you guys released it. My favorite one here is the 4.5”. That's my go-to. But the nice thing about the Fast Edge line is that you guys have in four different sizes, right? From 2.75” all the way to 4.5”. I prefer the 4.5” — it gives me extra room to kind of, like, pull and pinch the bead where I need it, in case we got bad framing. But we love Fast Edge, it saves a lot of mud, there's not a lot you have to fill. So great products, great bond, obviously, with the Mud Lock Technology that's on the back of the bead. Great product in all aspects.”
Build24 Convention photo 2

Meanwhile, others we spoke to talked less about our products themselves and more about the people behind the beads. One of these finishers was Josh Martin of Martin’s Drywall, another drywall pro from Brewton, Ala., who says that our customer service makes all the difference:

“It's an easy product to use. And above all else, it’s the people behind the product. If I need anything, a question about it, all I have to do is reach out and they're on top of it. It’s above and beyond. We originally used a metal corner bead for years, and I ran into issues with it rusting around the windows due to moisture and condensation. I reached out to [Trim-Tex sales rep] Rick Miller and told him I had an issue with it, and he suggested a Closed Angle Corner Bead. I haven't looked back.”

Thank you to everyone who made the Build24 special, from the folks at AWCI to the contractors who stopped by our booth! We hope to see you all at next year’s convention — the best place to meet the people who make Trim-Tex awesome, and get the scoop on our latest, greatest drywall finishing solutions!

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