11 Ways To Finish A Corner

Plain 90 degree beads may be the usual way of finishing a corner, but they don’t have to be. Trim-Tex proudly offers many different ways to create interest and visual detail on your corners with our lines of rigid vinyl corner beads. From rounded corners and chamfers, to modern reveals and millwork styles, Trim-Tex offers 11 different ways to finish a corner.


Each Trim-Tex corner bead is made from a rigid vinyl that gives them unparalleled strength when it comes to impact and dent resistance. Most corner bead on the market is mass produced from cheap, soft metal which leads to costly repairs when it fails to hold up against the wear and tear of day-to-day activity and dents and crushes within the wall. Rigid vinyl corner beads are much more durable and are engineered to survive extreme impacts that would normally lead to a complete tear-out and repair job if using metal, with only minor scuffs to the surface layer of paint and mud that is easily repairable in a fraction of the time.

Metal corner bead can easily be damaged from bending and twisting, causing it to be thrown out. Rigid vinyl corner bead can bend and flex easily without damage, reducing material waste on site.Product waste is something that most people don’t usually take into account when they purchase the materials to finish a building project. When using metal corner beads this can be an exceptionally tricky aspect to consider. The soft metal easily rusts, kinks, crushes, or bends while moving the product to location, causing it to lose its refined shape and thus having to be thrown out before you even begin installation. Jobsite waste of this kind can lead to added costs in any project that add up over time and can potentially cause things to go over budget. Rigid vinyl corner beads do not have this problem, as they are a much more durable and flexible material. Able to be stepped on, manhandled, and dropped around the job site without suffering any long term damage resulting in loss of material, they are an ideal product that you can rest assure will be delivered intact and, more importantly,  stay that way when installation begins.


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