Code Compliance, Without All the Extra Steps

These firestopping, sound-abating solutions blaze past unreliable sealants and sprays to chart a new path forward for commercial construction.

The problem with typical code-compliant assemblies:

  1. Short-lived solutions
  2. Added backing materials
  3. Tons of time spent installing
We decided that the industry could do better.

Trim-Tex: Simpler, Faster, Better

Built to Last

Unlike traditional wet-applied firestopping, Trim-Tex engineered to remain permanently flexible, providing a resilient seal for the entire lifetime of your wall assembly.

More Efficient

Save on installation time and labor costs by eliminating the need for fire sealants and fire spray at the head of wall.

Easy to Inspect

Brightly colored vinyl makes it easy for inspectors to identify them, and since they install fully cured, they can be inspected the same day they're applied.

Trim-Tex Code Compliance: Simpler, Faster, Better
Trim-Tex Code Compliance: Simpler, Faster, Better

Meet the Family

Fire Rated 093V Expansion

Deep rigid “V” is joined at the bottom with a flexible connection allowing a full 3/8” of controlled movement. For use in wall assembly control joints, in lieu of providing extra fire rated backing materials. 

Fire Bead

Available in 1- and 2-hour fire ratings. Prevents inside corner cracking when installed against a ceiling or concrete deck that may be subject to movement. 

Fire Gasket

Three size offerings provide 0.5", 1" & 1.5" of unencumbered movement, respectively. Installed pre-drywall with unbeatable speed — just stick it to the track and walk away.

Sound Gasket

The fastest, easiest soundproofing solution for head-of-wall and bottom-wall joints. Supplies the same or better STC rating as most acoustical sealants/sprays on the market.

Super Seal-X

Super Seal-X is the quickest, easiest way to firestop window mullions. Its flexible bubble gasket forms a tight, consistent seal against uneven surfaces. Available in pink and black.

Hotrod XL

The attached compressible foam forms a perfect seal along head-of-wall joints with 3/4" of movement. Pre-attach the bead to the drywall for a single-step installation process.

Hotrod Type-X

Its versatile, rectangular compressible foam profile fits easily in deflection gaps. Features intumescent tape on edge of foam to replace both fire and sound sealant. 

Smoke & Sound Stop

Rectangular compressible foam profile. Easily compressed into gap between edge of drywall and adjoining structure. Provides a flexible backing for smoke and sound abatement at interior building joints.

Stop spending time and money on outdated code compliance solutions. The next generation is here.

Stop spending time and money on outdated code compliance solutions. The next generation is here.

See the future of code compliance for yourself. Download the comprehensive technical catalog to get started.

Here's what others are saying

These innovations in code compliance have got builders buzzing. Here's what just a few of our customers have to say about their experiences.

“The fire caulk, it's hit and miss, hit and miss, hit and miss. You're not getting the same consistency as this bead. ”
Jon C.
“What’s not to like? It’s a finished fire rated drywall accessory that takes the place of fire sealant — it doesn’t get any better! ”
Rick M.
“Definitely, I'm saving money! ”
Jesse R.
“In my eyes, it's a superior product to the caulking all around. ”
Anthony A.
“Speed and simplicity — we're always looking for the easy button. Anything that can make it easier for the guys in the field is going to be a time-saver for us. ”
Bill V.
“It takes us two minutes to put it on. It's really very easy. If I send a guy to put the sound caulk on the track, it's going to take him two hours. ”
Eric E.
Carpenter Foreman
“I like solving things. With the help of Trim-Tex, that makes me the hero in my company. ”
Richard G.
“Once it goes in, it's done. You walk away. The production alone, it's extremely fast. ”
Doug H.

Code Compliance Downloads

Fire Rated 093V Expansion Installation Guide R1
093X-V Submittal Sheet R2
Fire Rated 093V UL Tests
093X-V BIM files
1-Hour Fire Bead Installation Guide R2
2-Hour Fire Bead Installation Guide R1
Fire Bead Supplemental Installation Guide
Fire Bead Submittal Sheet R1
Fire Bead UL Tests
Fire Bead ULC Tests (Canada)
Fire Bead BIM files
Fire Gasket 0.5 Installation Guide R2
Fire Gasket 1 Installation Guide R2
Fire Gasket 1.5 Installation Guide R2
Fire Gasket Supplemental Installation Guide
Fire Gasket Submittal Sheet R6
Fire Gasket UL Tests
Fire Gasket ULC Tests (Canada)
Fire Gasket BIM files
Sound Gasket Installation Guide R2
Sound Gasket Supplemental Installation Guide
Sound Gasket Submittal Sheet R3
Sound Gasket ASTM Sound Tests
Standard Wall - Sound Gasket
Sound Gasket Sell Sheet R1
Super Seal X Installation Guide
Super Seal X Submittal Sheet
Hotrod XL Installation Guide R1
Hotrod XL Supplemental Installation Guide
Hotrod XL Submittal Sheet R1
Hotrod XL UL Tests
Hotrod XL ULC Tests (Canada)
Hotrod XL BIM files
Hotrod Type-X Installation Guide R3
Hotrod Type-X Submittal Sheet R3
Hotrod Type-X UL Tests
Hotrod Type-X ULC Tests (Canada)
Hotrod Type-X BIM files
Smoke and Sound Stop Installation Guide R1
Smoke and Sound Stop Submittal Sheet R1

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