Where to Buy Trim-Tex Shower Bead

Shower Bead is Trim-Tex’s solution to eliminate most of the messy caulk and mud required to finish drywall around tub enclosures. Instead of filling in the whole gap between that enclosure and drywall, you can use this vinyl accessory to form a protective bridge over it. Its attached tear-off strip protects the area from mud, leaving behind a clean, finished edge every time. In this article, we'll answer one of the big questions we receive about this bead every day — here’s where to buy Trim-Tex Shower Bead online and in stores.

Where to buy Trim-Tex Shower Bead online

One request we’ve gotten for years has been from DIYers, renovators and smaller crews who don’t need a big box of 25 beads. After all, this may be the only tub enclosure you're installing all year! They just wanted a simple kit filled with just enough Shower Bead to tackle a single shower.

You asked, we listened. The Shower Bead kit is here, and you can buy it online now to be shipped directly to your doorstep. In this kit, you’ve got six beads (seven feet each), designed for non-drywall specialists to finish drywall around one tub/shower at a time, without paying for materials you don’t need. Shower Bead kits are available in sizes for both ½” and ⅝” drywall. You can get your kit now through our friends at Al’s Taping Tools — just hit the button below to get started.

(While you’re there, we recommend also adding a can of 847 Spray Adhesive to your cart; alongside half-inch staples, this glue is a crucial part of installing vinyl drywall trim like Shower Bead flawlessly.)

Buy the Shower Bead Kit Online

Buy the Shower Bead Kit Online

Get the Shower Bead kit tailor-made for finishing a shower enclosure, shipped directly to your door. Available in two sizes.

Where to buy Trim-Tex Shower Bead in stores

If you specialize in drywall and/or work in multi-family construction, chances are, you are going to be working on way more bathrooms than one this year. If that’s you, you’ll want to pick up a box or two (or a truckload) of Shower Bead, sold in eight-foot lengths with 25 beads per box, at a drywall supply dealer near you.

Trim-Tex has a network of these trusted dealers located all over the world, none of which will steer you wrong. We would just recommend calling ahead to check if they have Shower Bead in stock, and if not, asking to order some for you (if they place your order before 2 p.m. CT, it will be shipped out that same day). If you’re in the U.S., use the tool below to locate your nearest Trim-Tex dealer, or view our international distributors here.

Work in commercial construction? Check out a couple of our case studies (including videos and photos) to see how Shower Bead can be a major time-saver in your field. See how a drywall crew in Elgin, Ill., used Shower Bead to finish building some dorms here, and how a crew in Chula Vista, Calif., used it to complete a massive series of luxury apartments here!

Find Your Local Dealer

Trim-Tex beads are flying off the shelves at a dealer near you. Snag a box or a truckload of your favorite corner profiles today.