Racing to the Finish Line with Fast Edge® Paper

Have you heard? Trim-Tex’s popular paper-covered corner bead, Fast Edge® Paper, is now available in two widths: the original full-size bead and a cost-saving new version with a 13% smaller surface area. To help us celebrate this awesome addition to our speediest line of beads, our friends over at Refresh Home Improvements revved up their engines for a high-speed race to the finish line with Fast Edge Paper.

The Tuer brothers at RHI are champions of entertaining videos about the ins and outs of interior construction, and this latest video from them — a tip of the hat to Trim-Tex’s long history in the world of motorsports, as well as Trim-Tex’s stock-car-racing, dirt-bike-riding president, “7.0” Joe Koenig, Jr. — is no exception. Check it out below:

Before taking on their corners, the RHI guys made a pit stop at their local drywall supply dealer to pick up some tools that make Fast Edge Paper’s fast installation even faster. First off, they chose to use a compound applicator tube (equipped with a 90-degree outside mud head) to apply a coat of mud to the corner before placing their bead onto it. This is an optional step, but, like using a mud hopper, it gives you an excellent way to quickly ensure you’re applying your mud evenly on every single corner you need to finish.

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Once they’ve pressed their stick of Fast Edge Paper into place, the next tool they selected streamlined their process like a dragster: a Pro Series Quad Roller, with a head designed specifically for installing Fast Edge Paper. By running this roller along the length of the bead, they’re able to apply an even amount of pressure to the entire corner, making things quicker and cleaner for their final few steps. Now all the Tuers have to do is wipe down the excess mud along the bead's mud legs, and they’re ready for their final coat.

With two sizes of Fast Edge Paper to choose from, you’re in pole position to save time, save mud and leave behind a smooth drywall corner that looks pristine for years to come. Want to pick up a box? Use the tool below to find a trusted Trim-Tex dealer near you!

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