Your Fast Edge® Paper Options Are Growing (by Getting Smaller!)

Fast Edge® Paper, the popular paper-covered corner bead from Trim-Tex, became famous in the drywall finishing world for its unmatched speed, strength and mud savings. And now it'll become known for its reduced cost — we’re launching a new form of Fast Edge Paper with a 13% smaller surface area, so you’ll get all the benefits of this beloved bead in a more economical package!

Introducing Medium Fast Edge Paper 2

If you’ve never tried this game-changing corner bead before, and your only excuse was that it was cheaper to keep using lower-quality paper-covered metal beads, you’ve got no more excuses — it’s time to give Fast Edge Paper a shot. Don’t believe us? Here’s what drywall pro PRC Taping says about our paper-covered corner bead:

“Fast Edge Paper is by far my favorite bead out there, no question about it. I’ve used Trim-Tex beads for years. When Fast Edge Paper came out, that was it — I knew that these were going to be the only beads I’d ever use. I just knew right away, this is a game-changer. The low profile and minimum fill create a perfectly finished corner every time.”

This new version of the bead’s got everything drywall finishers know and love about Fast Edge Paper: the smooth laminated paper; the easy installation with no glue, no staples; the Mud Lock Technology featured on the bead’s vinyl core that grips into the compound for a level of bond strength that can’t be beat. You’ll just be spending less to get all of it.

Nothing about the original size of Fast Edge Paper is changing — that will simply now be known as Large Fast Edge Paper, and will be the perfect choice for a wide variety of drywall corners, especially where your framing may be less than perfect.

Meanwhile, this newly added size will be known as Medium Fast Edge Paper, and is shipping out to local drywall supply dealers now. (If it's not already stocked at your favorite shop, ask for stock number FEP08M, FEP09M, FEP10M or FEP12M, depending on the length(s) you need.) Just use the tool below to find a dealer near you now!

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