How Matt Risinger Used Trim-Tex to Finish His Own Home

Matt Risinger_Thumbnail_6.23.21For many in the construction industry, Matt Risinger needs no introduction — besides being a builder of high-end homes for the last 20 years, he also built his immensely popular YouTube series “The Build Show” and The Build Show Network from the ground up. Long story short, when it comes to residential construction, the guy knows his stuff. So, as far as we’re concerned, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Matt Risinger used Trim-Tex to finish his own home in Austin, Texas.

Check out the video below to see how Matt and his drywall contractor, Junior Coronado of GCTEX Drywall, outfitted this gorgeous custom home build — which, again, is Matt’s personal house, not just any residential job — with the best possible finishing solutions to achieve perfect corner lines and a level-five finish across the entire house.


Matt and Junior cover a lot of ground in their 15-minute video, “Drywall 101: Here’s the specs for a Top Notch Job” (no relation to Trim-Tex’s own Drywall 101 series) — from explaining why they used thicker 5/8” drywall sheets all across this home build, to showing how best to finish window returns, to swinging around a hammer to test the strengths of two types of corner beads. And in the process, the pair show off quite a few Trim-Tex solutions they hand-picked to complete the job, including:

Matt Risinger uses Trim-Tex 3Looking at that list, you’ll notice that Junior, one of the busiest drywallers in Texas, is clearly a big fan of the Mud Set installation method. Why? It both gives you the most durable corners with the strongest bond to the drywall in the business, and it allows finishers to be more efficient, ditching mechanical fasteners like staples and screws and all the frustrations that come with them.

For Mud Set Rigid Low Profile (and its Jumbo variety), installation requires simply running the bead through a hopper, as Junior’s crew demonstrates, then sticking it onto the corner and wiping down the excess mud that squeezes through its small perforations. The Mud Set bead’s low profile allows it to efficiently achieve a smooth, Matt Risinger uses Trim-Tex 6level-five finish. To install the Mud Set Adjustable Inside Corner, meanwhile, Matt and Junior’s crew just trowels some mud onto the inside corner before applying the bead, going the extra mile to use a laser level to ensure a straight line.

Be sure to stick around in the video for Matt and Junior’s corner bead “smash test,” where they pit Mud Set Bead head-to-head with an average metal corner bead to see how each stands up to impact. Even with a still-wet coat of mud on the corner, there’s really no comparison — the metal corner bead, with just one of Matt’s smaller “tippity taps” with the hammer, becomes dented and mangled, requiring a finisher to totally replace the damaged portion of the corner bead. With the stronger Mud Set Bead, however, the nose remains undamaged; at most, you’ll simply need to spend five minutes applying a quick mud patch to make the corner good as new.

comparing vinyl corner bead installation methods -  extreme impact 1

We couldn’t be prouder that a master craftsman like Matt Risinger used Trim-Tex  to finish his home, or that a true drywall artist like Junior Coronado is such a fan of our wide array of vinyl corner beads. These guys are shining examples for the industry, and the fact that they chose Trim-Tex for Matt’s own personal house says a lot about the trust they place in our corners.

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