How to Finish a Full Modern Home Like a Pro

Some homeowners and residential builders hire drywall finishers to make their interiors look as decent as possible for as little money as possible. But others want to pay a premium for drywall that looks like a true artist finished it. These kinds of jobs don’t come around every day, but when they do, drywall pros like Phil at PRC Taping have a chance to really show off their skill and artistry. PRC Taping recently got one of those opportunities, and documented his process for us — here’s how to finish a full modern home like a pro, with trimless designs and minimalist style.

“This is a detailed modern build with reveal beads along the floors, doors and windows,” PRC told us. “We are using a range of Trim-Tex beads throughout. Jumbo beads for all the corner beads, Z Shadow along the doors and windows, and F Reveal beads along the floors for a seamless finish! This place is going to look pretty awesome when it’s all done.”

Check out the videos below to see how he took these three beads and created something beautiful with them!

Rigid Jumbo Corner Bead

First things first — this home, like most big houses, had a ton of 90-degree corners to content with. These may not be the sexiest parts of a drywall design, but acing your corners in a home like this is absolutely crucial; they’re everywhere, and especially when that time of day comes when they’re hit with a lot of direct sunlight, any small flaw is going to be really apparent.

PRC Taping usually likes to use our Fast Edge® Paper for his corners, but for this home, he selected the Rigid Jumbo Low Profile Corner Bead because of its superpower to make any corner look totally perfect even when the drywall was hung less than totally perfectly. Its sharp nose is well suited for a sleek aesthetic like this one, and its low profile makes it great for level-five finishes without using a ton of mud. And, of course, since PRC chose a highly durable vinyl bead, he can rely on it to stand the test of time for his clients.

Z Shadow Bead

For an ultramodern look that’s totally trimless, pro drywall finishers go wild for Architectural Z Shadow Bead. (We’ll get to one of the other beloved options ones next.) Why? It gives you an awesome shadow/reveal effect around architectural details that attracts attention, and its vinyl materials will stay looking great for years to come. Plus, with some pre-planning and some know-how, it’s pretty easy to use.

For this project, PRC Taping used lots of Z Shadow, wrapping the bead around all his windows and doors for a trimless look that’s both eye-catching and minimalistic at the same time. We especially liked the use of the shadow effect around this home’s big, triangular window centerpiece. Then this shadow effect on the doors transitioned into the base trim by using…

F Reveal Bead

Architectural F Reveal Bead is essentially the same as Z Shadow Bead, except it possesses an additional vinyl flange to cap off the reveal effect, making it a better fit for some components like flooring. Drywall pros like PRC Taping often like to use this bead to create unique base trim (sans baseboards) — once the effect is complete, it almost looks like the walls are floating just above the floors.

By using F Reveal and Z Shadow together, PRC Taping was able to create a completely seamless shadow/reveal design that runs along the base trim and up and around the doors, with matching windows. For years to come, visitors to this modern home will walk away talking about how incredible and how flawless the interior work was there, and that’s what pro drywall finishing is all about.

Thanks to PRC Taping for demonstrating how a true pro finishes a full modern home with a variety of top-of-the-line drywall finishing accessories. Those three beads are just a small sampling of what Trim-Tex has to offer — check out our full line of solutions by requesting a free copy of our latest catalog. Get started by hitting the button below!

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