The 2024 Trim-Tex Catalog Is Here!

Big news — we’re back with the 2024 Trim-Tex catalog, and it’s jam-packed with ways to upgrade your drywall finishing skills! Whether you’re looking for a simple drywall accessory to solve a complex problem, or just want to finish your next job faster than ever, you can find it in the pages of this catalog.

Now available to download for free (print edition is coming soon), we can’t wait to show you everything we’ve got to offer in the 2024 Trim-Tex catalog. Let’s dig into everything that makes this new edition unique.

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Streamlined design packs more punch into fewer pages

From last year’s catalog to this one, the biggest change you’ll notice is an overall design overhaul that adds more value for our customers per page, reducing the size of the catalog by a whopping 20 pages.

We did this by cutting out some of the fluff and adding more helpful info to each individual page. (Take, for instance, the technical spec illustrations that show each accessory's dimensions and angles. You’ll now find these next to each product, rather than needing to reference them in the back pages of the catalog.)

This change makes it easier for you to find what you need, and easier to skip over what you don’t! Plus, if you’re the kind of drywaller who likes to carry the latest Trim-Tex catalog with you to every jobsite, now the print edition will be lighter and more portable.

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New how-tos, FAQs and more

We love to spread awareness on how to use Trim-Tex solutions to become a better drywall finisher. We do this all over our website — and our catalogs, too!

In pages of the 2024 Trim-Tex catalog, you’ll discover product tips, installation help and examples of how real-life contractors used these beads. These include a case study of how a Detroit commercial crew used our Fire Rated 093V Expansion to meet code requirements more easily, answers to all your questions about our popular Architectural Z Shadow Bead (pictured above) and more.

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New products (and a sneak peek at what’s coming soon)

We introduced some exciting new solutions last year that make their debut in this new catalog. One of these, the crooked-framing-conquering Closed Angle Corner Bead, inspired us to create a whole new category of products for all our acutely angled corner beads (pictured above). Another new entrant to look out for — we are expanding our Fast Edge® Paper options! We are now offering a cost-saving version of this highly popular bead with a 13% smaller surface area. Stay tuned for more info on that introduction coming soon!

Plus, there’s one sneak peek at something we’ve been working on: Super Seal-X, a fire rated spin on our classic Super Seal Tear Away L Bead. This awesome bead will make firestopping around windows a breeze, and will be shipping out to dealers near you later in 2024!

So, what are you waiting for? Check out everything the 2024 Trim-Tex catalog has in store — just hit the button below to get started, and download your free digital edition today!

Find Your Next Solution

Find Your Next Solution

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