Tom Sass - 2006

Tom-Sass-2006.jpgTom Sass, son of business owner Roger Sass, began drywalling with his dad at a young age. After high school he went to work for his father. Tom’s first design project was for a coworker, he was asked to create a simple border for the ceiling edge of a living room. The design, far from simple, caught the attention of fellow workers who then began asking him for help on their own personal projects. Since then Tom utilizes his talents in the New Construction side of the business while his brother runs the Remodeling Division, located in Muskegon, Michigan.

What they say about Trim-Tex

After winning the award Sass Drywall saw an increase in business with special attention to Tom’s creative talents. “It’s kind of funny now that people have heard that I won it, they actually listen to my ideas a lot more. I guess it takes winning a huge award like this to signify my talents.”-Tom Sass