Josh Schatz - 2013

Josh Schatz 2013.jpgJosh Schatz entered the drywall world in 2006, and by 2008 started his own company Magic City Drywall. In a search to find something new to do, as well as to offer his clients options that had never been available to them before, Josh found Trim-Tex. Josh enrolled in the Drywall Art Training Course and took away invaluable skills, he said, “I will never forget when Noe (Training Instructor) introduced me to the Archway L Bead. We made a swooping curve with it in the training class, and from that point on I knew Drywall Art was the direction I wanted to go.” Josh now utilizes 3D programs to bring his ideas to life for his clients. Josh admits to using his own home as a test field for his newest Drywall Art ideas, tearing down and putting up new designs all the time. As we like to say at Trim-Tex, and Josh agrees, “The possibilities are endless.”

What they say about Trim-Tex

“I just have to thank everyone at Trim-Tex. Joe Koenig has been a great help and motivator throughout my drywall career. I’d like to thank Noe Perez and the rest of the training staff for the opportunity to be involved in something I have found great enjoyment in. I learned more than I ever could have imagined possible in just 2 short days of the training class. I often replay those 2 days in my head like it was yesterday. The course taught me VERY valuable information that continues to develop and expand my thinking cap.”-Josh Schatz