Which Drywall Sander Should You Choose?

There’s no way around it: for a gorgeous finish, you’ll need a good drywall sander. It’ll kick up dust, it’ll make a mess, and if you’re like most drywall finishers we’ve spoken to, it’ll probably be your least favorite part of the process. But once you’re done, you’ll have beautifully smooth drywall that’s ready to paint to perfection. We can’t make the sanding process super fun, but we can make it easier, faster and less tiring with a selection of abrasives that the pro drywall finishers reach for.

Speaking of pros, the guys at Refresh Home Improvements recently finished up a very cool drywall detail — an LED channel that runs along their baseboards and up a wall — that needed a sharp, precise drywall reveal gap to fit their aluminum channel. For this project, they selected two Trim-Tex drywall sanders: the Black Widow Pro Sander and our Single Angle Sanding Block. Check it out in the video below:

Which Drywall Sander Should You Choose 2

For Refresh Home Improvements’ Steve Tuer, the Black Widow Pro Sander’s larger sanding pads came in clutch, because he was able to sand the drywall around both sides of his aluminum channel at once. This way, he could finish the job far faster (with much less pain in his wrist afterward).

Why Choose an Angled Sanding Block?

When it comes to the finer details of a drywall design, the Single Angle Sanding Block is hard to beat. Why? It has a tapered edge (available in fine or medium grits) to really make corner sanding simple, and on the other end, you've got one of Trim-Tex’s famous radius edges that prevent gauging or scuffing the drywall. And, since this solution is around 40% larger than your average sanding block, same deal as Black Widow — less time spent sanding, fewer sore wrists.

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For RHI’s LED channel project, they had such a narrow gap in the drywall that a standard-shaped sanding block wouldn’t be able to get in there. But it was a perfect fit for that tapered edge, which was able to reach inside the channel, allowing them to easily sand the corners of the drywall until they were absolutely perfect.

No matter which drywall sander you choose (including those RHI didn’t use, like our Dual Angle Dual Grit Sanding Block and Full Circle Sanding Tools), sanding won’t be the most fun part of your day — but with these tools, at least we can make it easier. For a look at Trim-Tex’s full line of abrasive, browse through our products online, or hit the button below to request a free copy of our catalog.

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