What Is the Black Widow® Pro Sander?

At Trim-Tex, we speak to a lot of drywall subcontractors, and always ask each of them the same two questions: What’s your favorite part of the job, and what’s your least favorite? Answers to the first question vary from person to person, but the second one is always the same — everyone hates sanding. It’s dusty, it takes a lot of time and labor, and, worst of all, you can't not do it. Getting dusty is unavoidable here, but we do have something that allows you to get it all done in less time, with less strain: our Black Widow® Pro Sander.

So what is the Black Widow Pro Sander? This is an abrasive solution that’s fast and agile, covering more surface area (it's 60 percent larger than your average sanding tool) and reducing your fatigue while using it. Nimbly swiveling on a 48-inch aluminum pole — and featuring a variety of sanding pads that are easily swapped in and out — you can go from sanding wide seams to tight corners, all using the same tool.

The Black Widow Pro Sander was carefully designed considering some of the most common problems we hear from pro drywall finishers. Always scratching up your mud while sanding? The abrasive surface is padded so that won’t happen. Using an old-fashioned sander that will frequently flip over while you’re using it, damaging the drywall? Black Widow has a no-flip design. Spending forever changing worn-out sanding pads? You can do this in seconds with Black Widow’s sanding pads — the tool has a quick-change system, thanks to hooks molded into the frame.

Along with the Black Widow Pro Sander, you’ve got a variety of sanding pads to choose from. These range from extra fine to extra coarse, so you’ll be able to find the right grit for just about any job. And, of course, for those hard-to-reach fine detail areas that a large, rectangular sanding pad like this one can’t reach, we’ve got a wide selection of handheld sanding blocks. These come equipped with our trademark radius edge that prevents unwanted scuffing, making these a favorite among drywallers from all over the world.

Sanding is never going to be the most fun part of your job. But it can be faster, and easier. That’s what makes the Black Widow Pro Sander the go-to choice for pro drywall finishers. To pick up the tool and some sanding pads, hit the button below to find a dealer near you.

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