What Makes Magic Corner So Magical?

Used in tens of millions of homes and massive buildings like Chicago’s United Center, the track record for Trim-Tex’s Magic Corner expansion bead speaks for itself. If you’ve ever used this solution yourself, you probably already know how easy it is to use Magic Corner to flawlessly finish everything from off-angles to long drywall runs to ambitious ceiling designs. So what makes Magic Corner so magical for so many people?

We’ll let the pros at Refresh Home Improvements answer that question for themselves! In the below video, RHI’s Steve Tuer gets hands-on with a roll of Magic Corner, showing you step-by-step how this nifty solution is installed and what makes it so magical on inside corners:

Magic Corner Expansion Bead Tutorial (What Are they and How Do You Install Them?)
Magic Corner Expansion Bead Tutorial (What Are they and How Do You Install Them?)

When we’re looking at the magic of Magic Corner, it all comes down to that flexible, adaptable flange at its center. You can always paper tape inside corners, but this vinyl flange gives you a finish that won’t crack due to movement over the years. The center of the bead can expand and contract as the structure moves to prevent drywall cracks (up to 3/8” of controlled movement), as well as bend to fit a wide variety of corner angles.

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If there are ever any cracks in your finish on a Magic Corner, it’s probably due to excess mud getting into places where it shouldn’t — that’s why it’s crucial to install this solution properly, as Tuer demonstrates in the video. After dry fitting the bead into place and installing it using a can of 847 Spray Adhesive and half-inch staples (applied every six to eight inches), it’s time to start mudding, which is where some finishers go wrong and get compound stuck in our vinyl flange. Excess mud here will harden over that area that’s meant to stay flexible, so that’s where cracks could arise down the road.

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To help with getting the magic touch right, we include a handy little finishing tool with every roll of Magic Corner, which Tuer fittingly calls a “wand.” As Tuer shows, on one end of the tool you’ll find a wider surface that will help you ensure that you’ve evenly applied the bead straight down your inside corner. Then, on the other end, you’ve got a smaller, sharper angle that’s designed to easily scrape mud out from the center, ensuring that your inside corner will be looking clean and crack-free for a long, long time to come.

Many thanks to Steve and Dan Tuer over at Refresh Home Improvements for showing their love to Magic Corner and showing everyone why this solution can be so magical! Follow them on Instagram or on their YouTube channel for tons of awesome videos like these. And, while you’re at it, hit the button below to visit Trim-Tex’s own Instagram page, and give it a follow to never miss a tip, tutorial or news that could change the way you finish drywall!

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