Drywall Finishing Techniques: Inside Corner Bead Vs Paper Tape

When finishing drywall, there are so many different products for finishing various joints and corners that it can be challenging to know which products to use and when. For example, inside corner bead vs. paper tape — which product is better for finishing your inside corners?

When it comes to inside corner bead or paper tape, it is essential to have all of the information in order to make an informed decision and choose the right product for your project.

Paper Tape

Paper tape is the more traditional option in the battle of inside corner bead vs. paper tape.

Paper tape has been used by drywall professionals and DIYers alike for decades, but is there a better option on the market? While there are numerous positives to using paper tape, there are also some considerable downsides.


Paper tape is the most common product used to finish the inside corners of drywall and has been the top choice of pros for decades for several reasons:


One of the biggest reasons pros continually reach for paper tape is the speed of installation.

Simply lay down a bed of joint compound, then embed your paper tape into the bed with a clean swipe of your taping knife; that’s all it takes.


Paper tape can be bought in large rolls at low prices, which makes it a cost-effective method of finishing inside corners.


Although there are a lot of upsides to using paper tape, there are also some downsides:


While experienced and professional tapers can apply paper tape quickly and easily, novice tapers can find the installation troublesome.

Embedding your paper tape into a bed of mud on your inside corner can be a piece of cake for professionals, but their skills have been built up with experience over time.

It can be frustratingly difficult for amateurs to embed their tape in the correct amount of joint compound. Remove too little compound from your tape coat, and you will be left with a nightmarish buildup in your corner. Remove too much, and your tape will not adhere correctly and will leave tape that bubbles up through your finishing coats.


Peeling is another common outcome that can plague inexperienced tapers. Peeling is most often a symptom of applying your tape coat too tight — this can prevent your tape from adhering correctly and result in the edges of your tape peeling up.

Inside Corner Bead

A person is holding up inside corner bead to a wall.


When it comes to inside corner bead vs. paper tape, inside corner bead may be used less frequently, but it has many advantages over its paper counterpart.


There are a variety of pros to using inside corner bead for your inside drywall corners, not the least of which include superior moisture resistance and durability.

Moisture Resistance

One of the most significant advantages of using inside corner bead is the superior moisture resistance.

Unlike paper tape, which can be susceptible to mold, mildew or failure if exposed to excessive moisture, vinyl inside corner bead is impervious to such disasters.


Paper tape can often be ripped and torn during installation or throughout the lifespan of the room you are installing it in. By using vinyl inside corner beads, you can ensure a long, damage-free life for your inside corners.


As with any product, there are some downsides to using inside corner bead:


Although certainly not expensive, vinyl inside corner bead does cost more than paper tape. That may seem like an initial deterrent from using inside corner beads, but you get what you pay for. The price of costly repairs on paper-taped corners quickly adds up and ends up being much more than the modest price of inside corner bead.

Achieve a Superior Finish with Trim-Tex Adjustable Inside Corner Bead

This is a close-up image of the end of inside corner bead.


Do you want to create longer-lasting, more durable inside corners on your drywall projects with straighter, sharper lines? If you answer yes, choose Trim-Tex Adjustable Inside Corner Bead for a superior drywall finish.

Able to match any angle your wall may throw at you, the Adjustable Inside Corner Bead provides unrivaled finishing on your inside corners.

In the battle of inside corner bead vs. paper tape, the victor is clear — inside corner bead wins.

Choose Trim-Tex for All Your Drywall Finishing Needs

Founded in 1969 by Joseph Koenig, Sr., Trim-Tex has gone from manufacturing two types of J Bead to developing a family of over two-hundred drywall products, all manufactured in the great state of Illinois.

Trim-Tex products are not just better for your project, but they are also better for the planet.

Primarily produced from recycled content, Trim-Tex products have kept 17-18 million pounds of plastics out of landfills each year. Additionally, nearly 100% of all punch-outs created in the manufacturing process are able to be reused and recycled back into the production of high-quality drywall finishing products.

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