What Is Super Seal Tear Away L Bead?

Let’s face it — finishing around windows, doors and other building components like these can be major pains, and even more major time-sucks. And that’s before you start throwing issues into the mix like allowing for structural movement, reducing sound transmissions and working with uneven surfaces. These requirements usually call for using caulk, and as anyone on this side of construction knows, bringing caulk into the equation usually means messy, inconsistent finishes (plus, you’ll probably have to go back and do it all again in a few years). Those can be huge problems. So, what is Super Seal Tear Away L Bead? It’s the versatile solution to all these problems, and then some.

super seal loop 1

Super Seal Tear Away L Bead is a vinyl bead that forms a perfect, permanent seal around windows, doors and anywhere else where drywall may be butting up against a heavier substrate like a concrete or brick wall. Comprised of a rigid vinyl leg, a highly flexible apex gasket and a handy tear-off strip, it’s the unbeatable choice for when you’re working on a job that may be subject to expansion and/or contraction. That flexible gasket will seal off the gap, which, in addition to allowing movement at the panel perimeter, dampens the passage of sound through it.

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Additionally, a great use for Super Seal Tear Away L Bead is in situations where your substrate isn’t cut perfectly evenly all the way down, or you’re working with a naturally jagged material like a brick wall. The bead’s gasket gives you some wiggle room here, so that even if your surface isn’t totally straight or has a curve to it, the gasket will compress against its contours, leaving a pristine finish.

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To install Super Seal Tear Away L Bead, you should leave a quarter-inch gap between the edge of the drywall and the opposite substrate. Dry fit the bead and then cut it to length. Then install the bead using 847 Spray Adhesive, making sure to apply a little bit of pressure against your substrate so that, once the bead’s permanently affixed to the spot, you’ve formed a tight seal within that gap. Then you can grab your staple gun and shoot half-inch staples every six to eight inches along the bead’s mud leg.

9210 Super Seal Tear Away L Bead Installation Animation
9210 Super Seal Tear Away L Bead Installation Animation

Now you can start mudding the bead as usual. This is where Super Seal Tear Away L Bead’s tear-off strip is going to come into play — during this phase, it acts as a protective mask, so you won’t be getting mud all over your window or door. Once you’ve applied two or three coats of mud (depending on your level of finish) and everything’s dried, you can peel off that tear-off strip, leaving you with a smooth, crisp finish across the entire edge.

super seal loop 3

So, in the end, what is Super Seal Tear Away L Bead? It’s your superpowered solution to replace caulk, reduce sound transmission and relieve structural movement, leaving a lovely finish and perfect seal while you’re at it. Give this multifaceted vinyl bead a spin for yourself — fill out the form below to request a free sample!