Top 5 Most Popular Products of 2020

Top 5 Most Popular Products of 20202020 may have challenged all of us in new ways, whether that meant new socially distant guidelines on the jobsite or, for those of us working behinds desks, getting our work done from hastily cobbled-together home offices. But one thing hasn’t changed for us at Trim-Tex — we love to see folks get excited to use the vinyl drywall solutions we’ve worked so hard to manufacture in-house. These are the top 5 most popular products of 2020 that you’ve been mudding and buzzing about!

1. Fast Edge® Paper

Our Fast Edge family of corner beads debuted in the back half of last year and have been flying off our shelves ever since. Fast Edge Paper, Trim-Tex’s first-ever corner bead to utilize a laminated paper covering, has proven to be the fastest-selling solution in our 51-year history.

Why? Well, the Fast Edge family installs faster and uses less mud than just about anything else on the market, and the laminated paper coat on Fast Edge Paper provides an added layer of bonding while eliminating any chance of edge cracking. And finishers from all over have been loving it.

How much time and material can Fast Edge Paper save you? Check out what our testing has shown here!

2. Shower Bead (aka Oversized L Bead)

shower bead installedIt’s no coincidence that this is the second year running that Shower Bead has shown up on our year-end list. The extra-wide 2¼" mud leg on Shower Bead means this single solution can stretch across the space between the drywall and a flange, cutting down your mud costs by not needing to fill in that gap. This is especially going to come in handy around bathtubs, shower enclosures and other high-moisture environments, where paper tape can serve as a tasty dinner for mold.

Add all these benefits up, and throw in a tear away strip to leave a clean finished edge, and it’s no surprise that Shower Bead remains a part of the top 5 most popular products of 2020 — in fact, back in March, BUILDINGS Media selected it as a winner of their 2020 Money-Saving Products showcase.

3. Fire Bead

Professionals in both the finishing and firestopping worlds have been abuzz all year about the industry’s first line of fire rated drywall accessories, eliminating the need how firestopping has advanced through the years thumb 2-1for unreliable fire caulk. The most popular of these innovative new solutions has been Fire Bead, which pairs a vinyl deflection bead with a strip of intumescent tape that expands to 30 times its size when exposed to heat.

By combining this ultramodern firestopping technology with the tried-and-true vinyl problem solving we’ve been perfecting for over 50 years, you’ve got the most advanced fire rated solutions on the market. Visit to learn more about Fire Bead and the rest of our code compliance drywall accessories.

4. 350 Bull Corner Bead

This year, we’ve seen increased sales on interesting corners effects, including the sharp edges of Chamfer Bead and, coming in at No. 4 on this list, 350 Bull Corner Bead. This is an excellent alternative to the more common ¾” Bullnose that you’ll see everywhere, creating an attractive look without sacrificing durability.

A 350 Bull corner has a tight, rounded ” radius, and with the bead’s longer legs, it’s prepared to absorb lots of impact without being damaged. You can learn more about creating rounded corners with Bullnose beads in this video!

5. Architectural Z Shadow Bead

finished z shadowAnother repeat offender from our 2019 end-of-year list, the Architectural Z Shadow Bead happens to be the single most frequently viewed product on our website. We can’t say we’re surprised — this accessory creates some of the most eye-catching edge reveals out there.

The bead’s Z-shaped profile provides sharp, dynamic edges, perfect for forming striking drywall art out of ceiling details, light boxes, baseboard details, window trim or any other edge you can dream up. For instance, learn how you can use the Architectural Z Shadow Bead to create a gorgeous trimless door here.

Thank you to everyone who stuck with Trim-Tex through a tough year! We’re so excited that these top 5 most popular products of 2020 struck such a chord with you this year, in addition to our many (many, many) other profiles and designs we’ve heard such overwhelmingly positive feedback on. We can’t wait to show you what we have in store for you in 2021!

And, hey, you don’t need to leave these in-demand solutions described above up to your imagination — you can sign up to receive a sample pack of all five here by hitting the button below!