Use a Smaller Bullnose for Bolder Corners

Vinyl bullnose corner beads are wildly popular profiles for drywall corners with smooth, rounded edges. They give you all the eye-catching elegance of a Southwestern-style home, but they’re super easy to use and provide unbeatable durability for the long haul. Whether you’re working with a normal corner or an archway, you can’t get a better bullnose finish than with these beads. And with 3/16” Small Bullnose Corner Bead — featuring the smallest radius on the market — you’ve got more profile options than ever to suit your own style. With a smaller bullnose, you can go bolder with your drywall finishing.

As you’d expect, 3/16” Small Bullnose has a 3/16” radius, smaller than any other in our vinyl Bull family (which includes ⅜” Medium, ¾” Large and 1 ½” Jumbo Bullnose profiles). This radius gives the bead an edge that’s noticeably more rounded than a soft profile 90-degree corner bead, but not as obvious as its larger bullnose family members. So, if you’re someone who craves a bold interior finish but with a subtler sense of style, 3/16” Small Bullnose is the perfect corner bead for you.

As our friend Steve Tuer from Refresh Home Improvements demonstrates in the above video, installation of 3/16” Small Bullnose isn’t difficult — with the proper drywall setback (see above illustration), you’d install it like you would any other standard Trim-Tex vinyl corner bead. Simply apply two coats of 847 Spray Adhesive, press the bead into place and hit it with half-inch staples every six to eight inches.

Small Bullnose Bold Corners RHI 0

Apply at least two coats of mud to the bead to start the finishing process. One easy way to get a flawless coat of mud on the bead’s rounded surface (which can be tricky to accomplish with a flat taping knife) is to take a scrap piece of the bead you snipped off and use it as a finishing tool: just run it up your corner to evenly spread the mud along the radius. By repurposing your scrap and collecting excess mud for reuse, you’re cutting down on waste for every corner.

Thank you to the Tuer brothers at Refresh Home Improvements for the video! Be sure to follow them on all their channels for more helpful how-to videos like this one. And to never miss a tip from Trim-Tex, hit the button below and sign up for our monthly newsletter!

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