Why This Pro Builder Chose Chamfer Bead for His Dream Home

If you’re building a home from scratch, your choices for trim and corner bead probably won’t be the first thing you think about. It may not even be among the first few hundred things you think about. But if you want the house to have a look that goes beyond ordinary, a slightly adventurous choice in corner bead will make a huge difference. Just ask Jason Mollak, the successful pro builder who is constructing his dream home in Omaha, Neb., and chose our Chamfer Bead for the finish on all his corners.

This one choice may not have been the biggest or most expensive choice Jason made while building the place that he and his family will soon call home — but it single-handedly elevated every room with the bead's soft corners and stark shadows. Check out the video from Fine Homebuilding below to see for yourself:

Why Pro Builder Jason Mollak Chose Trim-Tex's Chamfer Bead for His Dream Home
Why Pro Builder Jason Mollak Chose Trim-Tex's Chamfer Bead for His Dream Home

“We wanted something a little bit different, and this actually gives a nice shadow line and goes with a little bit of the aesthetic of our home,” Jason told us when we visited the Omaha house in 2021. “We're going for more clean lines and the white and black color … It has a little bit more contrast than, say, like a Bullnose or just a standard 90-degree corner. It also is not a hard edge. If we bump into it, it's not going to be as hard as a 90-degree corner would be.”

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As Jason mentions, the choice of Chamfer Bead wasn’t purely an aesthetic one — he has a family of seven, many of whom are small children, so these chamfered edges are also something of a safety precaution. No more sharp corners means no more potential hazards in these areas.

And with a lot of small children also comes a lot of bumps and scrapes during day-to-day activities. So, with that in mind, part of Jason’s choice of Trim-Tex’s vinyl solutions had to do with their increased level of durability over other corner-bead materials, like metal. In the rare case that impact does make a mark, it's typically repaired with a quick mud patch, rather than ripping the entire bead out and replacing it, as you would a metal corner bead.

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“Well, obviously, we work in a lot of these homes that has your beads installed,” Jason says. “If we hit it, it doesn't damage anything. You can hit it pretty hard with something, and it's still intact and, if anything, it chips a little bit off the drywall surrounding it but it's easily fixed … I've seen [Chamfer Bead] in custom homes before, but actually seeing it in our own? It turned out pretty cool!”

To see more from Jason’s Omaha house project, follow along with Fine Homebuilding as they document his progress here, from groundwork to framing to drywall finishing. With Jason’s choice of Chamfer Bead, some challenges were presented when it came to transitioning these corners to baseboards — see his creative solution to this challenge here, and learn how Trim-Tex’s base adapters can help you if you choose Chamfer Bead too.

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