Trim-Tex’s Commitment to Sustainability

Earth Day Thumbnail_4.22.21When you think of plastics and the environment, you are probably thinking of something like a disposable water bottle, the kinds of one-time-use objects that are poured into landfills and creating huge waste problems worldwide. What you may not be thinking of are high-quality vinyl building materials that are also one-time-use objects — because they’re designed to last a lifetime.

A modern approach to the sustainability of building materials doesn’t just take one look at what kinds of material they’re made from, but focuses on resiliency over time. Because Trim-Tex’s drywall accessories are so impervious to damage, mold-resistant and rust-proof, we’re not just thinking about the here-and-now; we’re thinking about how they’re going to hold up in the buildings they’re used in for the next hundred years. That’s some real sustainability — and because each Trim-Tex corner bead is made from at least 70 percent recycled materials, we’re keeping millions of pounds of plastic out of landfills every year.

This Earth Day, check out what Trim-Tex Plant Operations Manager George Sobota has to say on our commitment to sustainability:


George and his team have dedicated themselves to reducing as much waste as possible in our manufacturing process. Besides using huge amounts of vinyl scrap sourced from other manufacturers in the production process, the entire system here is designed around not letting anything go to waste.

Earth Day 4.22.21 - grinderEvery bit of vinyl that gets “punched out” along a corner bead’s mud leg is collected and put back into production. Beads that don’t pass our rigorous quality-assurance inspections, too, are sent back through the grinder (as pictured) to become part of the mix for the next batch. Trim-Tex’s commitment to sustainability doesn’t begin and end on Earth Day. It starts from day one of production, and continues through the lifetime of the buildings you’re finishing.

We are citizens of this planet like you, and we are dedicated to producing materials that help leave the world just a little better than we found it.

Earth Day Infographic_4.22.21