Proud to be Green

Trim-Tex products are made with an effort to achieve sustainability and to offer builders quality products that will last the lifetime of their projects.

  • Trim-Tex Vinyl Corner Beads have always been produced with at least 70% recycled content.
  • Over 99% of our punch outs and out of spec product is recycled into top quality finished goods.
  • Vinyl Corner Beads will never rust, so they'll last the life of your building. Excellent for oceanfront hotels and developments.
  • Our use of recycled rigid PVC not only keeps millions of pounds of plastic out of landfills.
  • Trim-Tex 847 Spray Adhesive is VOC compliant in all states that regulate VOC content.
  • Trim-Tex has recycling programs in place for all corrugated, paper, skids and steel used in our operations.

Trim-Tex on Sustainability