The 2023 Trim-Tex Catalog Is Here!

A lot may have changed over the years at Trim-Tex, but you can always count on us to have a yearly catalog jam-packed with innovative vinyl drywall solutions. And this year’s no different — the 2023 Trim-Tex catalog is here! It’s now available in print form to keep handy for the next time you run into a drywall problem, or as a digital PDF to view on your computer or on your phone when you’re on-the-go.

So, what’s new in the 2023 Trim-Tex catalog? Keep reading and we’ll show you!

Explore the NEW 2023 Trim-Tex Catalog!
Explore the NEW 2023 Trim-Tex Catalog!

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New solutions

This year, we’re proud to announced we’ve introduced two new products to help you finish drywall better than ever. First up, you’ve probably heard by now that we’ve rolled out the game-changing Fast Edge Roll, a hybrid paper-vinyl rolled solution that covers all your angles. And secondly, we’ve got 3/16” Small Bullnose Corner Bead, which gives you a tightly rounded edge, the smallest-radius bullnose bead you can get. With these two new products, we’ve got even more to love in the 2023 Trim-Tex catalog!

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New visuals

This year, we’ve shaken up how our products are represented, switching from photos to 3D models that give you clearer insight into what these solutions look like and how they function. Additionally, you’ll find new photography that spotlight the people who use our solutions to turn rough drywall into gorgeously finished interiors, whether it’s two tradesmen in Jacksonville, Fla., using Fast Edge Paper on 12-foot-high corners, or a finisher in Omaha, Neb., installing Chamfer Bead. (Or just interior spaces we love, as in the spread above.) And then there’s you: in one section, we’re even highlighting the drywall work of some of our social-media followers. Tag us or use the hashtag #Trimtex_drywall on your next post, and maybe you’ll see your work in next year’s catalog!

Heard enough? Hit the button below to request your copy of the 2023 Trim-Tex Catalog, available in print or digital forms, or even a Spanish-language version of the digital catalog!

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