Which Closed Angle Corner Bead Should You Choose?

Closed Angle vinyl beads have been experiencing a surge in popularity within the drywall community over the last couple years, and it’s not hard to see why — they’re like a silver bullet for fixing imperfectly framed corners, and crews who’ve only used metal beads find it especially easy to make the switch to these superior options. To meet that increased demand, we recently expanded our line of Closed Angle beads to three unique profiles. So, between these three awesome offerings, which Closed Angle bead should you choose?

First things first: what are Closed Angle corner beads? They’re vinyl drywall finishing accessories with a tighter 81-degree angle, meaning they’ll clamp down on even the most warped or twisted drywall corners to, nevertheless, achieve a perfectly straight finish. We’ll let Trim-Tex’s own Joe Koenig handle explaining it all for you from there:

New Closed Angle Photo 7

Choose the standard Closed Angle Corner Bead for a classic soft finish

The latest member of our Closed Angle family of corner beads is a new spin on a classic. We took the softer profile of the Trim-Tex Corner Bead we’re famous for and added that 81-degree angle finishers love so much these days.

Use Closed Angle Corner Bead when you like your corners to have a softer touch: the edges on these beads are slightly rounded for a smooth, minimalistic finish. This kind of profile has been a popular choice for decades, and won’t be going out of style anytime soon! Plus, its hole pattern has been custom-designed to save you on mud, and all the time it takes for it to dry.

New Closed Angle Photo 1

Choose Rigid Closed Angle for sharp, crisp corners

On the other hand, many modernist homes and commercial spaces being built prefer sharper corners. For those circumstances, your go-to choice will be Rigid Closed Angle Corner Bead.

Beyond simple aesthetics, this pointier profile makes transitioning paint colors and/or wallpapers much cleaner. And with no setback to finish, you’ve got a head start on a gorgeous level-five finish. Like the soft-profile Closed Angle Corner Bead, this bead’s hole pattern has been redesigned to save you time and material to finish it. Learn how one busy contractor uses this solution to boost his speed and reduce his waste here!

Choose Rigid Jumbo Closed Angle for extremely uneven corners

If the two other Closed Angle profiles are the sleek sports cars of this product line, Rigid Jumbo Closed Angle Corner Bead is like a heavy-duty truck for heavy-duty situations. In addition to that extra-sturdy 81-degree angle, this bead’s got extra-wide mud legs; combined, there are few corners too bent for this powerful bead to transform into perfectly straight ones. Keep a box of Rigid Jumbo Closed Angle nearby and just about any drywall finishing job is doable, no matter how lazy the framers who came in before you were.

Now that you’ve got a better handle on which Closed Angle corner bead you should choose for which situation, your next step is to get a better look at each bead for yourself. Request a free sample pack of all three profiles by filling out the form below, and once you’re ready to buy, you can locate your nearest trusted drywall supply dealer here.