Why Vinyl Corner Beads? Sustainability!

There are quite a few very good reasons to choose vinyl corner beads over the metal kind, or any other material for that matter. Durability is a great one. Adaptability and flexibility are two others. But one we don’t talk about all the time is an advantage you may not think of when you think of vinyl materials — sustainability.

This Earth Day, with sustainability and “going green” on the minds of many folks more than ever, we wanted to briefly explain what this means for Trim-Tex’s vinyl corner beads and for the construction industry. And by talking about sustainability, we are talking about two big aspects of our solutions: recycled materials and resiliency.

Sustainability and recycled materials

You may not know it, but all of Trim-Tex’s corner beads are made with at least 70 percent recycled vinyl materials.

In our manufacturing process — all of which is done in the USA, from our plant in Lincolnwood, Ill. — we bring in literal tons of vinyl scrap from other manufacturers. All these bits and pieces of plastic that, otherwise, would be thrown away are ground down and used to create new corner bead that will be used in countless homes and buildings across the world.

Earth Day 4.22.21 - grinder

Our process is also carefully designed to eliminate waste during manufacturing. Did we make a corner bead that doesn’t quite meet our high standards of quality? It doesn’t get thrown out, it gets ground back down and reused in the next cycle. All those little bits of vinyl that get punched out of each standard corner bead? That, too, gets collected and placed back into the mix.

All in all, through this rigorous commitment to reducing waste and recycling, we’re keeping millions of pounds of plastic out of landfills every single year.

Trim-Tex's Commitment to Sustainability
Trim-Tex's Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability and resiliency

Obviously, PVC materials similar to ours are not typically thought of as “green” substances — and, usually, you’d be right to think that. Disposable objects like water bottles or plastic bags are one-time-use objects that you’ll find clogging up landscapes, landfills and oceans far too often.

Sustainability involves not just thinking about the here-and-now, but about a hundred years from now or more. And that’s what Trim-Tex is thinking about when we manufacture a corner bead. The proven durability of our vinyl corner bead — usually even extreme impact is fixed with a little extra mud, rather than ripping out the bead and replacing it — means that the protective corners you’ve installed on your walls are expected to last the lifetime of the structure, benefitting future generations as well as our own.

Paper Metal Corner Bead Transportation Damage

The same cannot be said for other corner bead materials. A damaged metal corner bead, for instance, will need to be thrown out and replaced, and this damage can occur as early as when you're transporting them to the jobsite (as seen in the photo to the left). That waste, along with all the other sustainability concerns like the energy costs of manufacturing more steel products and transporting them, is far from ideal.

One box of vinyl corner bead from us, meanwhile, is stocked with materials built to last.

Sustainability issues aren’t just Earth Day concerns, but year-round ones. Whether or not you choose Trim-Tex, we want to encourage those in the construction industry to consider the materials you do choose for their sustainability, resiliency and recycled components whenever you can — future generations will thank you for it!

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