UL Rated Deflection Case Study: Essex Apartments

Los Angeles, CA

There are many components to consider when constructing a multi-family building. When The Raymond Group started their building plans for the 8th and Hope Essex Apartment Homes, they kept two things at the top of their list: deflection and fireproofing.

Deflection is a common concern for commercial builders. Deflection is one type of movement that commonly occurs in multistory buildings with concrete floors/decks. Deflection is caused by joist sag or concrete creep that puts pressure on the walls below, resulting in unsightly cracks. To prevent deflection pressure from damaging the walls, the top track of the wall is slotted so it can move up and down on the studs.

Products that allow room for movement are pivotal when designing a building to withstand deflection. The Raymond Group installed Trim-Tex Wall Mounted Deflection Bead that features a co-extruded flexible gasket that is designed to compress under deflection, preventing drywall cracks. Deflection Bead is installed at the head of wall detail and can withstand up to 7/16" of deflection movement. To create deflection protection with the added benefit of fire and smoke protection, install CEMCO FAS Track 1000 between the stud and drywall. Trim-Tex Wall Mounted Deflection Bead then gets applied on the drywall at the head of wall detail. The complete assembly is UL fire-rated to keep the safety of a building's inhabitants a top priority.