Think Big: How to Use Super and Giant L Bead

Giant L Bead ImageWe love to see fancy, intricate drywall designs — it’s why we coined the term “drywall art.” For the vast majority of finishing projects, though, if it doesn’t save you time and material, it’s not worth buying. And we agree with you! It’s for this very reason that finishers love our Super L Bead and Giant L Bead in particular — they cut out several steps along the way to getting a spectacular finish along window and door returns.

But why tell you how it works when we can show you? We’ll let Brian from Drywall Nation take it from here — check out the below video, which lays out all the savings and benefits Super and Giant L Beads provide.

The extra-wide return legs on the Super and Giant L Beads (3 1/8” for the former, and 5 5/8” for the latter) cover the distance between the window and the return edge of the drywall, meaning you won’t need to finish the window return with any additional drywall or coats of mud. That’s a ton of extra time and material you’re saving with this simple addition to your finishing arsenal. It may not sound like much at first, if you’ve only got a window or two to finish; but multiply that by every window in something like an apartment building or a hotel, and the savings really start to pile up.

As Brian shows, besides saving on mud and labor, an added advantage of these Thumbnail3beads is the convenience of pre-scored markers along their return legs. If your return detail isn’t exactly the width of the leg, just fold the bead and tear a bit off to fit the space — for Super L Bead, there are pre-scored lines at the 2 5/8", 2 1/8" and 1 5/8" marks, and Giant L Bead is pre-scored at 4 13⁄16", 4 5⁄16" and 3 13⁄16". Both beads also come in archway varieties for gorgeous arched window returns.

If you’re a thrifty finisher looking to save some mud, or if you want to move on to the next project as quickly as possible, Trim-Tex’s Super and Giant L Beads could be game-changers. To get a look at these beads for yourself, sign up to receive a sample pack of both products below!